My Foot a term lost

My Foot… a term lost!

Its so funny it was ‘My foot!’.. then it became ‘my ass!’. .then eventually went on to ‘kiss my ass’.. hehe.. same happened to ‘Dog’ it became ‘bitch’ and den ‘son of a bitch’ now ‘son of a gun’.. and many other such phrases.. it makes me think who the hell went to make such changes.. so i got this dumb theory out (dont read its a sheer waste of time)

One cool kid somewhere in this world responds to the other kid when he or she says My foot.. dat kiddo says My ass.. take that!.. and then that other kid uses it so does every other person who heard it.. they use it in text messages phone calls emails.. and what not.. soon the virus spreads. and mostly through local networking sites and emails.. later on it becomes kiss my ass thanks to another kid.. now why kid.. well.. teenagers honestly just sit and photocopy everything new seen in the television movies or read in the books..or stuff told by their siblings or peer group.. they are not much innovative these days sadly.. all need to look ‘in’ the crowd.. i am one of them after all.. adults well they wouldn’t really think so much.. they might as well abuse literally and leave or resolve the matter in a more diplomatic way.. they never get into such mini fights to use such phrases.. and kids they aren’t afraid to think new stuffs out.. ’cause they dont have to fit-in anywhere nor do they have to bother about what would people around them think … so thank you ‘cool kid’ for giving us such phrases =)


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