Only You Can Judge!

In this everyday routine.. There are more than 90% of us who are worried about how the world outside judges us.. Hence we dress up well look better, talk better, do not get into the stuff against our peer group or social group.. All this just to stay away from the judgement we receive later on.. like whether he or she thinks i am weird cause i like this kind of music i dress up like this.. what if they hate me cause i am an atheist.. and sometime we do end up with a hell lot of comments (bad ones) about us.. which eventually brings us so down that i swear to god i dug up a ditch to throw myself in it.. but i ended up reaching the earths core.. pretty hot place ha.. anyways.. so it effects all of us so much!.. But you see the 10% ; the exceptions.. Well to them none of it matters.. And today I got a moment of realization and it answered my question- why does it not?

The exceptions (and now even me and you) have realized that the only bloody freaking darn person’s comment which matters is NOT of your ‘closed love shoved ones’ NOT of your seniors .. But YOURS !!

Now have you ever thought through it? THE JUDGEMENT DAY!
According to most of the religious scriptures there is going to be a judgement day.. where the death god’s minister will judge you on your deeds and karmas will be evaluated whether you are going to be sent to heaven the better place or hell the worse place.. Now thats a myth to me.. This is the only reason why we bother about ‘what others think of us’ .. you see even in the scriptures we let go our last day to some other persons judgement.. when are we going to take hold of our own karmas then? and thats when I came down to this theory.. accept it or leave it.. do not degrade it.. cause i really wouldn’t care

When they say about THE JUDGEMENT DAY… I think it’s gonna be a big mirror in front of us which would reflect our thoughts our deeds our doings and undoings and blah blah.. Now if you dislike the reflection you hate your deeds you just cant stand before it to look at it.. then you are going to sob and be sad.. thats hell Now if you don’t mind much of your karmas then you would be smiling and be happy at your reflection.. thats heaven!

For eg:  a prostitute looks at her reflection and finds nothing wrong with her karmas as whatever she did was for her own livelihood .. she had a sad life (according to us) but maybe according to her she put up well with the society.. did her work and got out of it and had a good life … nothing really pricked her… Shes in Heaven..

a priest looks at his reflection and finds that he had stolen something long back from the church and starts hating the mirror and begins to curse it feels guilty and starts crying.. Hes in Hell..

so you see? nobody has decided what is good or what is bad…. its all upto your subconscious .. you are God and Devil both .. its just that you should pick the right choices for yourself and the rest of the world can go and rot away somewhere for all i know …

Well this is what I thought was something of important for me and maybe I didnt waste your time reader..Thanks for your time.. This is me signing off (and still finding a way out of this planet)


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