Let Go and You will never regret

That’s my Alma matter. Probably the picture isn’t clear. But thats how I want to portray it. 

That light you see up there. It shows that my school has been like a guiding light for me all these years. 

You see this is the school I have been to from my nursery till my 10th grade. And a lot of things have happened and I have gone through. Its the place which I can never really ‘hate’. I did dislike some part of the crowd. But it is a part and parcel of your school life. Sometime some people don’t match up or are different. You just need to come in terms with them or let them be. 

And you see that’s exactly what my extremely small visit to school made me realize. They say it’s tough to stay in touch with school friends after one leaves school. No not really but some part of it is true. I was in touch with all my schoolmates ever known for the first year of my college. Later on second year some left, eventually and right now many did. (I left some behind). Now its not about ‘leaving’ people. Its a part of growing up. When you are done with school. All you are left is with your leaving certificate and mark-sheet. But later on you start to get a huge bag of your thoughts view about every damn thing. And its always your personal perspective and everything. Everyone develops ego and stands to their own opinions. Some are submissive some are assertive some are extroverts and open to new ideas and some are not. And so that’s exactly why you find it hard to stick around some of your school friends. And its not bad, you don’t have to hate them or anything for it neither should they. Just you need to find your kind of people with the same interest to spend time with and eventually things turn out just well. And whenever I feel that I am going to miss my buddies I just look at pictures of the past and from now this picture of my school and be glad that at least I did get to be with them and they were a part of my life or just have some little chat with them or something and get to know how things are in their life. And still will be in the pics so its fine. And today is the day when I actually realized how to ‘Let Go’. =)


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