Novelty !

Every other thing and i mean everything that is living and non living has a ‘novelty period’. I had been shopping and I am kinda a shopaholic. Its hard to admit it. but yes I have heard that i need to control. But then i figured out i have a sensible reason for being so.

         Now in our day to day lives we all meet atleast someone new or come across some new information or some new products clothes tv shows movies music etc etc. Now when we come across some new information we get enlightened and that helps us to venture out more in the field of knowledge. Which helps our heads to be filled with ample amount of rational information. When we come across new people we build relationships. Those relationships grow out to be either bad or good or moderately both. And when relationships are new they are always exciting fun and hot and happening. Cause you are venturing into that person’s life about his or her thoughts likes dislikes and equally sharing yours. When we come across new products or freaks like me. They gave another kind of excitement. Like to try out the new outfit footwear accessories. And for movie and music freaks. To have the desperate need to go and watch the movie get its bloopers analyse it or to get the whole album of the band which they just have discovered and read about its history its band members and all.

           Well too much of crap? now the point i am actually wanting to make. NOVELTY DIES. Believe me it does. and when it doesn’t bam! there is something you finally love.
           When some movies never get old you keep on watching them. its the movie you love. same for songs you cant stop listening to. you can probably connect with. When the certain things you buy you are never able to give it up thats something you adore and you cannot think of being without it . 🙂 when you meet someone really nice or with whom you just click its hard to give that person up. And i have realised all this begins with novelty and the next step right after it.
              Its all about the way you relate the next step after novelty with. bad thoughts or good thoughts. and remember novelty is always and always will be filled with good thoughts.Most of my relationships had good thoughts. But somehow i do suck at relationships friends family whatever. i love doing nice things for them but its barely reciprocated with appreciation or gratefulness so i have vowed to stop doing anything nice. not literally but never go over a certain limit of niceness.
              The actual theory is I have a good memory. great one rather (touch wood). So whenever something bad or wrong happens to me. The thing that first clings to my head is the stuff i was wearing. I immediately start considering it to be a bad omen and stop wearing it. Believe me even if its a wrist band or an earring. i always think its because of that stuff i was wearing or something. and i start hating myself for it.
              NOW THAT IS EXACTLY why i  am such a random shopper i always tend to redeem i am always on a move to make my stuff the ‘good omen’ so i shop and always be ready for the phase after the novelty one so that i make up good thoughts. and that is why my wardrobe drawers and all is always overflowing 🙂 CAUSE I AM A FREAK! HAHAHA! =D


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