Procrastination. Its just a phase. Believe me.

Yes I procrastinate too much. Not that i am proud of it. But it has been happening. And like always i sat to think why?! how come?! wtf?!. lol 

                       I thought as much as I could. And this whole behavior has been noticed only recently. Believe me before I was anything but a procrastinator. I used to hate to delay things. Always on my toes and always up to date with whatever I did.  

             When college began I got into reading novels it was such an awesome thing. I could lose myself into it for hours and hours in it. Believe me there have been days where I completed a novel in one sitting. 100 pages and more ones. AND NOW! I couldn’t go past by 40 pages without getting bored at the 39th. sick eh? Maybe because of the amount of time i have started to spend on my computer which has somehow been more entertaining than the books.

                Studies!.. okay look nobody likes it. its like some sorta curse put to people before they hit the fun part of their life (if there is going to be any fun part that is) Even if you are doing something you love and you are in INDIA you are going to hate and not dislike or something but actually HATE the whole drama you have to put for scoring marks. The mugging up business. Extra marks for neatness. People dont read what you have read. Teachers just flip through pages and are done with giving you grades. Believe me. And I on the other side have the most pathetic handwriting. So that has made me give up. No matter how much stuff I am going to fill in to that paper. My knowledge is not going to be read. And even if i try to be a little neat. NO! You need extreme print like handwriting which I am sorry I tried my best. But is never going to happen. So why to put effort in even reading about what’s given in the portion when nobody is going to care to read it and grade it properly. 

               Keeping in touch with people. Yes I have started to suck at it. One cause my bill really and literally blasts every month. Vodafone is one greedy service provider. So I have stopped replying to meaningless messages like “hi what doing” or forwards. I sometime dont pick up calls just because I dont want to talk. Cause I am pretty sure the other person is going to waste the next 45 mins of my life even though I have nothing better to do. I would not want to listen to some boring old friend rant about his or her life. Something I really dont care about.
                BUT!!! Now that I told you my few instances of procrastination I’ll tell you why is it just a phase. The things I have started to procrastinate are no longer there. You see in your teenage years you enter a phase where you stop giving a damn to everything around you. Not that you are self centered or self involved. Its just that you really couldnt care more about issues anymore. Unless and until they are widely related to you. Its an ‘i-dont-care-phase’ not that you intend to. 
              In life when you enter a procrastination phase. Thats the phase just after the phase of “confusion” what am I going to do with my life?! what career should i go for?! what if i dont end up getting a job?! what does life exactly mean?! why are we here on this planet?! blah blah blah and i could go on and on then you realise wtf! why am I even bothered. Screw the world. And this is where your head gets the rest out of all that curiosity. So does your body. Hence certain teenagers like me put on weight lol. And get acne and this that. Cause we stop taking care and being bothered. But once you push past this phase, You are there. No you are not going to still be asking questions. Instead you will be the one forming answers. But no stupid questions. Like why are we on this planet?! what is life?! but instead you turn out to be more rational. You are still stuck on with the ‘i-dont-care’ attitude and its good. Cause some things really dont need even a pinch of attention from you. Its unwanted. Like oh will I be the most coolest person in college? would people look down upon me if I wear a punjabi dress and go to college. Would I look ghati if i talk in english. Who cares!? nobody but you. 
                You may still not want to try to be in touch with certain people. And its good if they seem too irrelevant and unwilling to grow up for you. You may back off. You still may not want to push by more than 10 pages of some book. Its okay. probably that book sucks that much. And certain subjects you may still not score well all because of your ‘presentation’ but somehow you still gain knowledge and that also relevant knowledge for your career so why stop studying. Instead screw marks study cause you wish to know more. 

                And when you what is more necessary and needful for yourself thats when you bade a big fat farewell to mr. procrastination. And here i bade a good-bye to my procrastinating phase. =D 


2 thoughts on “Procrastination. Its just a phase. Believe me.

  1. HAHHAHAHAH! For the picture! I know why you dont pick up my calls !
    Its a really nice post. Very mature. And good presentation. 😛
    Full marks. 😛

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