The Festival of light? not anymore.

Well today when I was with a friend of mine. We found some candles which were the floating ones. You know the ones that are made to float in the water and stuff. So we decided to fill up a glass bowl sort of thing with water and put those pretty little candles in it. It looked gorgeous. That was exactly how diwali our so called ‘festival of lights’ had to be. And we had baked a cake too for the first time. So there is your sweet. 😛 The point is the Novelty!.. Remember my post on it? anyway even if you dont. Thats what festivals are all about its to bring up something new and pretty that makes you feel happy and connects you with the people you are with and always brings up that new level of relationship that new level of happiness and fullness in life!. That is what festivals are meant for!. Now thats why I finally feel like I had a very HAPPY DIWAL, well in the end you may say but I did. Without unwanted expensive gifts and noisy crackers i had it the festival of lights way! its all about enlightening your self not just lighting lamps at your balcony but lighting the lamps in your head! 😀


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