Bachpan Divas man! haha :D Nehru ke janamdin par :P

Today is CHILDREN’S DAY on the occasion of our first prime ministers birthday Mr. Jawaharlal Nehru we celebrate it. Why? ’cause he loved kids. lol!. Dumbest reason. but who cares. We get a day to get nostalgic about our childhood. And in schools on this day. We have a great time!. Well atleast I did. The chocolates. Dressing up in casuals, i guess we had that. Don’t know!. But I know I used to be the most quiet kid and most gullible too. I used to believe every word the other person used to tell me, no matter what age group he or she was. Maybe all kids used to be like that. But then I used to ponder over it like I am some genius to derive a whole new theory out of it. haha! But I do of course miss that innocence I had. My mom used to say it used to just come out in my eyes (my gullible-ness ). And people in my family used to think I will never start talking. Believe me I was really really quiet. ‘Cause most of the time I used to talk to myself! haha!. Crazy but I loved it. I had a few imaginary friends. And then thanks to cartoon I used to imagine the evil and the good on my shoulders. Soon some of my imaginary people became evil and some good. haha!. I was one weird kiddo. But thats how it was. And the best the most best part of my childhood would be the days I spent in my baby sitting. Being an only child sucks. But when that only kid is among soooooo many other kids its awesome fun!. Though that didn’t help me open up. But atleast kept me away from being lonely 😀



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