Kill me but with pride.

Well in India we have a habit of either cribbing or boasting about our country. This happens in all countries I guess. When I see videos or articles that potray only negativity of our nation and say ‘this is India’ I develop hatred and wish to die. Then we have videos and articles that only show the best of our country I feel chauvinism being born. And when there are articles nd videos that show both I wish to kill myself with pride. Haha. In reality media is just playing with your head and give birth to prejudices and that causes these videos and articles. But in reality India is just another country which is not the best but not the worst either. So shut up and stop ‘fighting’ for it and stop ‘cribbing’ about it. Eedeeyuts! 😛


4 thoughts on “Kill me but with pride.

  1. haha.. i love the titles you give to your blog. they always inspire me to write a poem based on the title!!
    Nice work.. thank you for realizing the bullshit that patriotism is..
    Being indifferent is the way to sanity!

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