Guess Who is off to Turkey 🙂

Well, ME! of course 😛

I am going to Turkey for an AIESEC internship for like one and a half months (49days to be precise). I will be working in a rehabilitation center with other Exchange Participants from other countries and more 5 from my own country.

Well it ought to be a good experience but somehow I am not all that excited. Actually I am more worried and scared than being excited and happy. The reason could have probably been my dad losing his temper in the last few days for absolutely shitty stuff. But its not him. Its my MOM. For some reason she has lost her sense of humor for the past one week. She has been giving out so much of ‘negative-worried’ vibes that I just cant handle. I know it has been all because she is wondering how will she be without me and plus all the last minute packing drama.

I am going to miss that lady so much. She is not just a mother shes probably the reason why I am still willing to live. I am going to miss her like crazy. There has been zero positive vibes at my house since a week. I am always irritated shes always worried and dads well uhmm always sleeping? 😛

The whole feeling of me going for to abroad for the FIRST time. The excitement of going without family or the joy has not even sunk in. Its so sad that i feel like laughing on it now :P.

But well Turkey as I have heard seems to be a beautiful place so I guess it wont be an issue when I reach there. The solitary that I have been dying for has probably been gift wrapped in a beautiful city. 😀

So I hope to feel happy and jumpy very soon!!


6 thoughts on “Turkey.

  1. Kuttee. I’m so going to miss you. And your random Aunty and Pagal comments. Chill, dad and mum are super worried. That’s why 0 +ve vibes at home. Enjoy Tuuuurrrrkkkkeeee! Muaahh – The most awesome person.

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