Turkiye :)

In my life this is the first time i am out of my country. In turkey that also alone without family. Its a good start kinda with certain glitches and problems but those were overcome with a little patience. Turkey is an amazing country. Its one of the most beautiful place in the world and I am really happy to be here. My host family hasn’t come to pick me up yet and so I am living at my project head’s house who is a student and lives at a rented apartment with two roommates. I am right now at Kocaeli/Izmit. Kocaeli is pronounced as Kojelly 😀 . Its a pretty city. I like the weather its very cold and nice. Although I am having an appetite problem even when its so cold. Thats I guess as its the start. Its just been three days. In turkey everyone is so beautiful and their beauty is not limited to their physical appearance they have a wonderful heart! and i like that. Its very homely. Even a stranger says ‘welcome’ but in turkish to you. 😀 they do not know much of english but i am keen on becoming fluent in turkish 😀


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