Güzel Türkiye

Well, I am having hot tea in the morning at turkey where the temperature is 9 degree Celsius. Its 28 in India and I selfishly do not want to think how people out there are feeling :P. My first summer out of India my first time out of India etc etc 😀 . As I said people in turkey are beautiful not only physically but also from the inside I guess that is what makes them beautiful outside :).

Yesterday I was at a party and I danced like never before! I have always and probably will be conscious in India but then the indian music was being played (tunuk tunuk by daler mehndi) haha so I just couldn’t control myself and danced a lot. It not only made me feel nice and warm in this cold I became really happy about the fact that I could dance even with stockings (which i have never worn before in my life) and my dress 🙂 i just put my heels away and totally went dancing on the floor.. 😀 best night best party at the best place ever!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 Love Turkey. Loving every minute out here. Hasn’t been a moment where I have missed home or something. But You Never Know 😐

Shall be updating more on turkey… Ciao till then 🙂


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