Theory ( i know all i do is make up theories) :P

I know I have this habit of making up theories, and you as a reader I doubt if you enjoy it. But I can’t stop trying to derive meaning from certain experiences of my life.

You wont find faith or hope down a telescope, you wont find heart and soul in the stars. You can break everything down to chemicals but you cant explain a love like ours

I was going update my facebook status with something meaningful on today’s experience. Then I thought instead ill write a blog and be faithful to my blog :P. There are certain good things that has happened to me since I have come here. I feel at peace right now. I am in the room and probaby might cry a little as I miss home. Well thats healthy right. Come on almost a week away from home in another country all alone and i am now crying for the third time 😛 but i guess its the first week and stupid sad songs and alone in the room but I know right now this is mature crying. Before I sobbed like a kid with my friend Bhakti on ‘skype’.

Anyway, lets leave the stupid juvenile issues. Today I messaged my dad and I realised how much he means to me. I sent him a nice mail. I spoke to him and mom on skype later at night. Today I realised I miss them both. I knew I miss my mom but I never knew ill miss my dad too. I even gave him a flying kiss today trust me i have never done that 😛 and he was talking so nicely like a really good dad. Distance is all you need to realise the worth of certain things.

Turkey has amazing food. I am glad to eat less spicy more healthy stuff. Its kinda going to improve my health. Turkey is rich when it comes to cultural background. I still have to read up on the history of turkey. Yet one can notice how fluent they are in their national language turkish, unlike other countries who try so hard to learn english and be modern.

Turkish is a very beautiful language I am read to forget my english for it. It is that good! :D.

Anyhoo i have to ‘work’ now. So i shall be signing off. Ill keep updating my blog. Till then sayonara! 🙂


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