Helpless Mumbaikar

13/07/2011 – my friends birthday and ‘another’ terror attack.

Dadar Khabutar khana, Zaveri bazaar, Opera house – 21 injured and 141 dead (home ministry says so)

Here I would like to quote the civilians. There could be no one who could put better statements than the ones who experienced it.

Why are you patriotic about a country that does not respect the lives of its citizens.. does not promise security?
Don’t bounce back this time, Mumbai! That’d be better for us – Kajol Bangera

Bloody Assholes wat will you take to leave Mumbai alone…how inhuman could you bloody get ?? – Arnaz Mithuji

Frankly I am totally indifferent to the fact whether he lives or dies..
All i want is my taxes to be used for better things than providing high-end security to him. And secondly if someone should die they should be our good for nothing politicians… Same shit time and again. I wonder what the hell are our intelligence, defence forces and govt are doing! – Bhakti Chachada on ajmal kasab (one of the terrorist of 26/11)

Tonight when you see someone you are just happy because he/she is Alive. – Varun Mundra.

The list is never ending. I cant quote my whole city and it wont be enough. It just wont be enough. Now to quote the assholes (so called leaders of our country)

Digvijay Singh (dickhead) –  In a country more than a billion people attacks cant be avoided. We are better than Pakistan such attacks happen everyday (umm so what do you mean loser?)

Rahul Gandhi –  Rahul Gandhi says tht even if v try to stop 99% of terrorist attacks 1% will happen ( tagging the government to be so ineffecient publicly and the way he said so confidently.

P. Chidambaram – Only three blasts. (fuck you)

L.K. Advani – We are fighting terrorism since independence. (i am sorry i suppose they are blasting and we are doing nothing thats not fighting. And also what about your ‘fight’ for ayodhya)

Raj Thackeray – I blame the migrants (sure why would you even leave a chance to talk about them in front of the camera even in the worst situations)

With a country with such politicians who openly put out such comments after the attacks what should I even say?

When the financial capital itself gets attacked like this and the politicians consider it as a normal routine. You think the civilians would stay calm??

These news channels are flooded with everyone ranting and commenting and quoting. The point is what now? Wait for more three years to see that the government is still inefficient as ever?

Sit and fast? (read: Anna Hazare who fyi hasnt said anything yet. probably busy praying to gandhi)

The whole ‘janlokpal bill” drama was just a drama. What good is going to come out of a committee like that? when people themselves are not safe. When a mumbaikar moves out of his house he has no assurance that he will come back alive. The fear has been created. Damage is done. Hail the people behind this attack. You have achieved what you wanted. Fear.

Oh by ‘the people’ I dont mean terrorist I dont mean anybody. Because I have no fucking idea who did this. I so wish I knew. I so wish the smarties from twitter and facebook were in the government and not the losers who exist now.

Worst is the mentality of certain other young indians.

They were more bothered that is it kasabs birthday or not. Seriously losers?

They blame Pakistan completely for the attacks (you blame a whole fucking country? without even knowing its consequence and the facts of reality.)

How dumber and how pathetic a part of a generation could get ? I dont even wish to comment on them anymore. They shall always be the negative part of our society like our politcians.

Thank you for reading. Sincerely, Helpless mumbaikar 😦

(May the souls of the ones who died rest in peace and I hope this time we dont leave the home ministry in one piece.)


2 thoughts on “Helpless Mumbaikar

  1. Terrorism requires strict action and courage and assurance from the government and politicians. but we should not vent our anger like that. Did america have a second 9/11?? then why do we have blasts the nth time again? that is the question. people on twitter and facebook are armchair critics. nothing can happen like that. i don’t want a role model like anna hazare who can fast at his age, if he dies you will make a martyr of him. if he lives, he is the automatic inspiration who blackmailed the government. We need young, courageous “ballsy” leaders. we don’t have any. so we sit and watch. and scream too, sometimes.

  2. exactly.. i could not agree more with you. but tel me a better way of venting out than facebook twitter etc? people need social network as a medium to vent out..

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