Singham – Review :)

Well I saw the movie Singham like last week. Its a pretty good movie. Ajay Devgan being the lead actor and the villain being a famous south indian actor Prakash Raj. Rest of the actors are mostly from marathi serials and one of them is my favourite Ashok Saraf :). So I may assume it to be a low-budget movie. Rohit Shetty you are smart. 😛

The movie is well written and all. Its like a fairy tale for us Indians living under the governance of such an awesome well built honest and organised politicians. Such a fairy tale I wish would come true.

Its a pretty unrealistic movie yet it gives you that hint of hope that someone like Bajirao Singham shall come and totally rip off and kill these underworld gundas (bandits).

Only one thing that I totally hated about this movie was the love story. I mean come on Bollywood directors need to grow up. Every movie doesn’t need a cheesy love story and a freaking boring love song. According to me that totally killed the main story of the movie. I hope they shall avoid keeping it like that the next time.

Another thing about Bollywood movie is that they are getting Tollywood-ish day by day 😛 . So much for originality 😛

Anyhoo I shall still rate this movie a 7 on 10 cause I love anti-corruption fairy tales 😀 . I am like totally a big fan of them 😀


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