A trip to Vidhan Sabha (Legislative Assembly)

Our political science ma’am and our political science department in college went on a ‘trip’ you may say, to the Vidhan Sabha in Nariman point, Mumbai, during the monsoon session.

Well to must of the students who haven’t seen the channel Lok Sabha were pretty much shocked. Because when the first session began in some room the opposition started yelling at the speaker as soon as he entered. They started shouting “paawan ki galiyan sooni hain .. R.R. Patil khooni hain” which means “the streets of goodness are empty .. R.R. Patil is a killer/murder” this is referring to the death of four farmers because of the gun firing by the policemen.

This was pretty annoying to see at first. To see how they were handling issues like little kids. Dropping off files throwing paper balls. These were the things for which we were suspended in school from and look at them! They got on to the stage or whatever you call the place where the speaker sits. And well the speaker ran away of course 😛 . The same thing happened twice.

Then, we were taken  to some other session happening. It was a little more sophisticated and they were more creative with their words I must say. They were yelling out statements such as, “kasab la biryani, Shetkariyana kurbani”   – Biryani for kasab, and sacrifice for the farmers.

“Beh gaya Beh gaya, Sabhapati beh gaya” – The speaker is biased.

Certain observations :

1. The Vidhan Bhavan is a pretty big and amazing building.

2. There is a photo id thing which you have to get done and its done in marathi. (state language)

3. The rooms are pretty nice and big where the sessions take place.

4. Pathetic washrooms.

5. Every Sign board is in Marathi.

6. I barely knew anybody’s names.

7. They get 20 times happier if you respond in Marathi rather than Hindi or English.

8. When the speaker isn’t around the members munch on chana (peanuts). Probably to help their brain think of better ways to create a ruckus.

Vidhan Bhavan in Mumbai. Source : Google of course 😛


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