Trip to Andaman! :)

My experience to the wonderful islands is just not that easy to be put into words. Yet one can always try 🙂

I had some of my major breakthroughs you may say in various experiences during the college ‘industrial visit’ where 36 girls 1 boy and four teachers from Jai Hind College had been to Andaman !

1. Scuba Diving :

Water is something I have had two extreme experiences with.
One was the drowning incident in fourth grade at Water Kingdom.
Two would be the Scuba diving at havelock! Now the second one is more positve and happening!..

I don’t know to swim but scuba diving doesn’t really require swimmers :P. It was a great experience to be under water. Some place you can’t talk where your mind goes completely numb! Your head feels at peace and you can barely feel your body. That’s what these saints in the epic books in ancient times used to feel I suppose during their ‘meditation’. Its indescribable in words for me to tell you what I felt. Touching of little nemo (the clown fish from the movie ‘finding nemo’) is something just you have to experience to you. But one really good thing about scuba diving. It took away my headache which I had been experiencing for three days 😀

Post Scuba we had to go back to the other side of the shore of course. The boat took us half way. And half way we had to walk over dead corals which was kinda difficult. But I managed it alone! And that was exactly the alone time I wanted after the most blissful experience of my life. 🙂

20minutes under water can do wonders! Believe me! 😀
2. Cellular Jail :

One of the most secured and interesting historic sites in India is the Cellular Jail. Sazaa-e-Kaala Paani was the movie apparently. I have to watch it yet. This place was a good experience as well cause it made me ponder over our non-sensible ritual of maintaining these, i won’t say useless but its something close to that, monuments.

When students took pictures in the jail and pretended to be prisoners, some of the students thought they are disrespecting the people who have suffered in them to get us independence. Well, are they really? Then why keep something preserved so much if people in the end of the day can’t really respect and value it. I say rather demolish all these monuments and build homes and schools for the homeless and illiterate. What will happen? The touristic value will go down a little that’s all right? Its okay! Better than letting foreigners look at how completely cheesy couples write names on the walls of these monuments to be ‘romantic’.

I know it sounds a bit too harsh but do you think the warriors who fought for our independence would want heart shapes and tobacco stains on these monuments? No, they would rather want us to move on with time and bring more development in the country rather than sitting and cribbing and commenting on how they fought and how they were tortured. I mean come on! Move on! Its over its gone! We get it the British were pure evil or whatever you know. Enough with the ranting.

That’s why it is always said to have a goal so high that it might as well be impossible for you to reach it. But then it keeps on giving you motivation to never stop trying! You’ll never have to sit back like your country did. India said it wanted Independence and it got it. But after that what? Everyone sat back and started letting the country go as it wants. So let’s try to move on and grow up with time and bring our country to the world as the most developed one. 🙂

Peace out!
Jai Hind!


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