Importance of ‘language’

I had this event at Taj today. My boss took me over there actually. My first ever travel event. It was a presentation and a marketing thing about Padova in Italy which is 45kms away from Venice (Pronounce it with an italian accent). So the Italian Tourism Board basically made an attempt to sell the place as an tourist destination in the Indian market, which was quiet interesting.


Padua in Italy



Yet the event had something more to offer for me. I looked around and heard the italians inspite of being in a very formal setup having a strong italian accent. There was also some people who knew  what to talk about but couldn’t really face the media due to lack of verbal knowledge in english,

That’s one of the main reasons why most of the European and African countries praise their ass off when they see an indian talking in english. No, its not cause we indians have some ‘great’ knowledge in english but its cause they don’t possess much knowledge in it. So just be thankful to their precious comments and never turn it into pride :).

The main reason why I say so is, not cause I hate our english or something. Its good. Nothing wrong about making it your first language. But damn when I heard those italians rambling in italian all I wanted to do was ask them to teach me few sentence in it and so that even I can start talking in that language! A language has a great importance in our social life. Especially when it comes to we humans, the social animal. I prefer talking to people in their own language (high aspirations I tell you) because I wish to be culturally close to each one of them.

Its through a language and through its grammar rules one makes out the cultural background of that region. Obviously India has a great mixture of cultural backgrounds and I wish to start from home. I wish to know atleast basic words in each language in my own country! Lets hope I achieve a bit of this high ass aim 😛

Indian Languages


Images Source : Apna (Our in Hindi) Google 😀 

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