Long Time No See Doll! Azadi Mubarak!

Okay, so that ‘doll’ just came from the series of a reality show keeping up with the kardashians which I have been following lately. Its kinda stupid but then again what isn’t? At least they act stupid with glamorous clothes.

So I haven’t been writing much. That’s because 2012 is kind of sucking my life out. Writing shouldn’t have stopped though. So I apologize! And can you believe it my last post was about 2011. Crazy!

Today is independence day in India. Well, Happy Independence day! 🙂 and for the people who believe we have no independence can please go to some other country or jump in the Arabian sea and get killed by either the US navy or the Pakis.

On twitter I noticed the hashtag #IfThereWasNoPartition is trending, and in pakistan #ILovePakistan and #FreeKashmir is trending. Isn’t that awesome?

Someone on my timeline tweeted

The diifference between India and Pak is #ILovePakistan is trending in Pak and #IfThereWasNoPartition in India. Outlook and attitude.

And you the sad part? The people tweeting #ILovePakistan are ‘team Pakistan’ or some other fundamentalists who hold handle. But it must come up to hardly 40 people. So I don’t hate you Pakistan you are in fact a new country plagued with disease of ignorance and fundamentalism. If i was super woman I’d rescue you. But I can’t! The twitter status of Pakistan is sad well so must be the scene in other areas of social media. I mean they have to have a handle to promote their country called “team Pakistan”

India, on the other hand, has handles which mock all the prominent politicians. But that’s a healthy way of channeling your anger, i.e. Humor. We did presentation on partition based on the movies made on them in our class. And not only did we do it but heard innumerable presentations in about 1 month. Obviously most of them were basically wikipedia knowledge. But some of them hand interesting perceptions. But almost all of them agreed that partition shouldn’t have taken place (Even I feel the same). Apart from some few people who wanted their presentation to be ‘different’.

But we all know partition was basic manipulation of the politicians for ‘the chair’. But what deeply saddened me was the lack of foresightedness in them to design a country’s future which is one of the most populated nations in the world! I mean look at the photo below

I am no genius in postural psychology. But certainly that isn’t the posture for a good leader. Its showing the sheer lethargy in their attitude. Giving up materialistic desire is one thing and giving up a part of the nation just because of ‘disagreement’ is another. The race for majority is madness and still exists. Their flawed decisions are making us suffer even after 65 years of independence. I know this is pessimistic but I am not the one who has to turn a blind eye to the crazy chauvinistic approach of people towards resolving a decision.

But sooner or later I do believe a saturation point shall come and India will see a better tomorrow and so would Pakistan. And if God gets too happy he shall bring these nations back together in peace.

That’s all for now folks. Happy Independence Day again. Jai Hind!


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