Democracy: The Thesis

Good Morning Folks,

So it has certainly been a long time since I have posted anything new on the blog. Although now since college has given us a break and so has life in some way. I have finally found time to watch news, read and catch up with a lot of other things.

The idea for this new ‘theory’ or whatever you may call it came to me while I was studying Antonio Gramsci’s hegemony. It was a heavy concept for me in the start but then it made a lot of sense.

Antonio Gramsci is a communist like Karl Marx, but his ideas are less materialistic than Marx’s conception of communism. But let’s not bore you with the details.

Gramsci said that hegemony occurs because a consent is manufactured among the masses by the bourgeois/business class. According to him the common sense in itself is a result of this influence of bourgeois ideology. Hence you and I may believe that it is good to live in a democratic nation.

After all democracy is for the people, by the people and of the people

I honestly used to believe the above until I read Gramsci’s hegemony. Democracy is the manufactured consent that it is the right form of governance. I agree it’s much better than any other form of governance prevailing in society. But is it really for the people? The only basic duty which every democratic nation gives its people is ‘vote’. You go and vote for your leader. The leader who ends up committing corruption and you suffer loss by increased taxation.

You want examples?

  • India for instance, is the easiest example, the country where I live in. The present ruling party is awfully corrupt but its corrupt in open. Whereas others are equally corrupt but its closeted because they are conservatives and powerful like that.
  • Japan had to change more than five prime minister in the past six years. They are on their sixth prime minister right now. These changes are because of dynasty politics, bad economic decisions etc.
  • Israel has called on for early elections because the coalition could not agree on some economic reforms.
  • Venezuela had elections held this year and Hugo Chavez who was the President since 1999 got re elected. Shouldn’t democracy give more people a chance?
  • Russia also has repeatedly been seeing either Dmitry Medvedev or Vladmir Putin as the President and Prime Minister. They both and especially Putin is believed to be a mafia of some kind.
  • Turkey has has Recep Teyyip Erdogan as their Prime Minister now for the third term. His party is against the values of Kemal Pasha who is considered the father of the nation by the western region.

Now these are like very few examples of how democracy has not really lived up to its theoretical definition. Repetition of prime ministers or presidents may be acceptable by some. But if you want a government by the ‘people’ I am pretty sure there are more than just two or three willing to stand for elections. And how does the dynasty politics even take place? Didn’t we stop the practice of having an Emperor or a King for the very same reason?

Democracy works well in many developed nations like USA, and some countries in Europe. But it’s certainly not our answer to the prevailing problems anymore. The dialectical method of thesis + antithesis = synthesis has to be followed. An antithesis against democracy has to be formed in order to get a synthesis which would hopefully solve the prevailing issues.


I end my post here by saying

“Simply complying to present working system and just criticizing it on social media, only, will not help. Your country needs you to THINK instead of pointing fingers at everyone and blaming others for your loss.”

Thank You for reading. 🙂


10 thoughts on “Democracy: The Thesis

  1. Wow, I love the clashing of the thesis and antithesis to form a synthesis. I always think, that my opinions are formed by fusing opposite ideas and trying to reach an acceptable middle-ground. But, I also wonder, is that always good? Does that become a diluted opinion/ diplomatic stance?

    Democracy is a success in the west, bcz people talk about elections; even if all they have are dumb opinions like “Romney is handsome, hence I’ll vote” or some other senti emotion for Obama 😛
    But we, in India, don’t mobilize opinion. Like you stated, it’s “manufactured” and then “repeated and popularized” by dimwits. (Not that this doesn’t happen in the west.)
    All I am saying is, “It’s about time that we discuss realistically about this country and not idealistically.”

    You said, “I am pretty sure there are more than just two or three willing to stand for elections.”
    Well, I am pretty sure that there are only two or three who want to stand for elections ‘”to change things” and not just fill their pockets and use their power.

    My Pol-Sci Babe, keep talking about such concepts. It’s awesome to think differently.
    I miss having conversations with you! 😀 😀

  2. No no clashing of thesis gives birth to new ideas which seem valid in that present situation. It is always good to have a diplomatic stance when it comes to ideas and governance. Because then this diplomacy will answer to the variety of questions and problems which different people face at different times.

    Hahaha totally true about the election part. We don’t have a vote culture here. They have created that culture with the help of their pop stars and what not. And not just we but even other countries are fed up of democracy in a way.

    No I am pretty sure there are more than 2 or 3. In fact 20 or 30 at least. Come to Political Science lectures its amazing the amount of enthusiasm not just the students but even the professors hold.

    I miss you too! .. the super convos in the long train ride! dude we have to meet like asap! 😀
    And Thank you so much 😀 You reading my blog makes me want to blog more now. Especially because of that long comment 😀

    • I have been insisting you to write smart awesome opinions with all your daily rants (that *have* to be in a blog now and then).
      Bcz even I am dying for discussions on new ideas and politics. Soon I will have no one and I’m dreading the mind-stagnation.

      I am lukha now. Vacations on! I don’t have to travel to Churchgate to meet you. 😛 You are here only 😛 😛

  3. Love the thesis anti-thesis tingy. I think this post is really relevant because right now there’s a lot of talk about whether democracy is the apt form of government for India in light of all the scams and also because it doesn’t really represent the general will of the people [40% of the population voted (if I’m not mistaken) and have given us the current government] I agree with you and think that some modified form of democracy is required so as to cope with emerging challenges in a growing society and nation.

    • And if I am allowed to be all literature-y here, we learnt that democracy is blind adaptation of the system that britishers gave us. I don’t completely agree, but my teacher argued that our maddening diversity and it’s problems doesn’t ensure democratic success.

      • I think we need to adopt a slightly different system. I know the thinkers lived in a different era (Aristotle, Plato, Hobbes etc) but none of them really truly supported democracy. Most were dead against it. We dont really have democracy but dynasty politics both at the centre as well as state level.

  4. Exactly and if some changes don’t take place there will certainly be a political apocalypse ! Thesis anti thesis thing is our portion 😛 .. We have to study Hegel and Marx and their dialectic views and that’s where this came from..

  5. democracy is a failure in india , people vote only on caste and religious lines and as you said we are fed up of the nehru dynasty . i think south korea is a good example , where a president can occupy office only once.

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