2012 elections – Obama wins, 2014 elections – what? where?

Well, that’s a long title I know!

But if you are an Indian you will know what I am talking about. My previous post on democracy on how it has worked for many developed countries well US Elections 2012 was a great example of it.

The Presidential debates and Vice Presidential debate was aired all over the world. And before people start criticizing on how people care more about the US than their own country.

Let me give you a few reasons why the elections in US matter to us (especially Indians).

1. They are an amazing example of how a democracy should function. So instead of cribbing like morons, take notes and see what you can do for your country.

2. If you paid attention closely to their foreign policy debate you’d have noticed how Romney was anti ‘outsourcing’ jobs to countries like China. He repeatedly called them a ‘currency manipulator’. Now if he’d won all those investments made by them in other countries and ours would have been stopped and taken back. This would have caused a huge loss to our economy.

3. The whole debate upon Libya and Syria. Did you notice how violent Romney was about it? He said we (America) should intervene more aggressively. What?! he was out of his mind. It would have affected a lot of countries if USA kept on being aggressive.

4. He wasn’t clear about his economic plans. If US isn’t clear about their economic plans then how would the world function with WB’s largest shareholder unsure about their domestic economic policies.

But, unfortunately I noticed in one debate they both agreed on Pakistan being an ally no matter what. No matter how many ever drones being deployed. But well its their choice. Its we who have an issue with that nation and we who need to step up and resolve it on our own and not depend on someone else.

Reasons why our elections suck and don’t matter to the citizens of India themselves.

1. We have the state and union elections at different times. Its like one election takes place at once in two years at some state or the other. It gets confusing!

2. There are also no clear idea as to how long a person can be the prime minister or chief minister. They just keep on ‘ruling’. Hence Nehru was there as the PM till he died ! I am cold I know.

3. Our youngest Chief Minister at this very moment is 39 years old. About 60% of the population is between 18 to 35 years old. And he’s chief minister due to his dad’s ‘influence’

4. The above point shows how your individuality doesn’t matter. Its just dynasty politics. So whoever gets elected has got elected through ‘contacts’

5. Inspite of an influential businessman Donald Trump being against Obama. He still won! Tell me if Tata or Birla were against some party, would they ever win?

6. Especially after listening to the Radia tapes (when I was extremely bored few weeks ago) I realized our votes don’t fucking (sorry) matter !! They are absolutely invalid when it comes to selecting who gets which ministry. So in short qualifications don’t matter either.

7. After the reshuffling of cabinet for the hundredth time. It doesn’t matter who you elect and who you don’t. They will put random people on random posts. For eg: If Nitin Gadkari is just an entrepreneur why is he the leader of BJP?! How far is it good to keep mixing business into politics?

8. No one is recognizable. Look at the list of people in the cabinet at present – List of Cabinet Ministers I swear I did not know anyone apart from the PM , Sibal , Khurshid and Sangma’s daughter. Should we blame our indifference? Or the fact that no one bothered to mention who got which ministry after every reshuffle? News channels can show controversial debates and arguments, so why not for once educate the public as to who got what and why ? This could be because nobody has the answer to the why

9. Why cant the portfolio of every minister be discussed on news channels? Yes, I agree education cant be the criteria in a country like ours which has a lot of uneducated people. But okay, If not education at least a quick background check?

10. How can you expect us to vote when the process to get an election card is so tedious? (Maybe that’s just another way to manipulate the public not to vote)

11. One of the main reason why our elections suck and theirs don’t. We have horrible lists of candidates. Educated India needs someone more charismatic , clean and honest. And uneducated need someone who can actually resolve problems and not give mixers and television at the time of election in return for their vote. Also, the candidates who are elected are morons who remove a gun when asked to pay a 50 buck toll ticket.

For once I have realized finally how irrelevant the vote culture in India has been. I shouldn’t compare. Since we are only a 65 year old democracy and they are about 235 year old ! We have made a lot of progress. But there is a general apathy towards the government and politics in this nation. This is really not good if you want to see India become a much greater nation than USA.

This apathy is also not your fault. Look at BJP and Congress sitting and playing the blame game. Instead of owning up the corruption charges and stop practicing such hideous acts. They won’t change and this kind of publicity is just not going to slow them down.

Like they say,

‘in politics any kind of publicity is good publicity, because people will forget what you did but always remember your name’.

In our country it is also believed that we, people, have no long term memory. Are you going to let your government fool you like that?

I am absolutely helpless at this very moment and too frustrated to think of any solutions. But hey, we still have our freedom of speech to write crazy blog posts like these. Thank God for that!

I would like to mention I love my country no matter what. This is just a frustrated blog post over the system of election and my country can beat USA’s ass any day, but just not today. 


4 thoughts on “2012 elections – Obama wins, 2014 elections – what? where?

  1. Hey Sangita. I like ur blog mainly because of the concern you share that most of us also share. But frankly there are little things that i found you are ignorant about.
    First of all tell me how is pritiviraj connected when it comes to ‘influencial candidates only get cm post’. We alwys look at people who are wrong and not what right is happening.
    Secondly if i or you dont know who are cabinet minister are, its not their mistake.
    Thirdly you mentioned a lot abt wrng people in our post. But did you mention about good politicans like jairam ramesh, ak anthoy, jaipal reddy, arun shorie, yashwant sinha, sushil kumar modi. Let us talk about them more so no matter who comes or go, they stay for our country.
    Fourth point. That no businessman is against ruling Government . Nusli wadia (owner of bomaby dying, britannia, go indigo, bombay reality) was against congress government in 1980 and is till date not a congress friendly businessman. But he has survived and also flourished.

    If our college admission is tedious we dont say that they dont want us to study or get educated. I dont see the point in election id either.

    I like your points in how US candiates argue and talk. And this is one area we can ask for surely.

    And recently i was talkng to a ex RBI senior manager. He told me i knw the younger generation is angry with the mischeif of few, but dont get diaheartened. Do you work. It matters.

    We have to learn more about India before comparing it to any country.

    • True. I must have missed those points. But you know that’s the beauty of democracy and human life basically. When one is pessimistic about the government they usually are keeping the politicians on their toes to continuously keep up with our demands.

      I am not saying everyone is bad. Like the ex RBI senior manager said ‘mischief of few’ has to be stopped. And yes I love India and yes I will learn more about it. But comparison cannot be avoided. If we won’t compare and analyse our situation with others we wouldn’t have come so long in just 65years.

      And I would like to thank you for such a long critical opinion on my blog. I appreciate it 😀

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