Lose some weight ! Why you ask? Read below

So, I finally went running this morning. Why? You ask, all thanks to my stupid shopping experience about two days ago. Medium which was originally my size has officially become large now :'(. And today morning during my workout I figured few reasons why one must lose weight.

Here they are given below:

1. Normal clothes fit you and you look fab in them.

2. If you lose weight the healthy way you also get a glow on your face.

3. People stop mocking you and making jokes about your weight.

4. When you go shopping your awfully judgmental friends would finally shut the hell up.

5. You feel lighter.

6. Your old clothes fit you!

7. Your boyfriend/girlfriend will be happy

8. If you are single there will be more people to meet than before.

9. Self Esteem Boost.

10. Concentrate on other important things, since you can stop worrying about your body now.

Now reasons as to why you should lose weight with exercise.

It need not necessarily be at a gymnasium. Go for a run every morning that helps.

1. Skin glows.

2. Weight loss lasts forever.

3. Starvation or dieting causes pimples and hair loss. Exercise does neither.

4. You feel fresh and energetic; your work gets done faster.

5. You lose weight all over not just around your tummy when you run.

6. When you choose early morning to run, the weather is just amazing it calms your mind.

7. Stress Buster!

8. This is my personal reason to exercise – New workout clothes and pretty socks have a valid reason when bought 🙂

9. Eat how much ever you want. Weight will be the same because you are working it out!

10. Doesn’t usually happen – But you sometime make you new workout buddies.


You must be wondering why about working out suddenly? Well, I have been through a lot with my weight for about over a year. Power yoga, gym, and learning to swim all happened in a year and none of them worked out. Everyone still kept judging me. There was a time where I did feel bad about my weight but now I don’t. I am like 3 to 4 kgs over weight. But suddenly some friends and told me you should lose weight. Well, they have been saying it for a long time but they did not stop even after me feeling good about my body. So instead of giving a rude retort I just bit my tongue and promised myself; no matter what happens these last few kilos are going down so that I can keep feeling good without the unwanted chatter about my body around me.

And to the people who keep commenting on my body. Yes, I agree looks do matter but so does character. Not that I will ever comment on yours. It would take me months to reduce but probably years for you to change. But I will still love you and thank you for giving me this motivation to lose weight! 🙂

Now for my next blog post I hope to come up with some new ways to lose weight. Till then take care be happy and love thy self before you love others 🙂

P.S. I saw some orange thing coming towards the earth from the sky. It wasn’t the sun. Some kind of meteoroid or asteroid burning and falling towards earth. I have no idea what that was. Couldn’t Take a pic :/

2 thoughts on “Lose some weight ! Why you ask? Read below

  1. Although I don’t go out to workouts, I have one more reason to do so: Enjoy the morning. Perhaps you missed what is most beautiful of all. Specially if you can go out before the sun rises and you can see the darkness transforming into the daylight with that super color in the sky, your mind automatically becomes refreshed for the rest of the day.

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