Indian Education System !

Well yes this is going to be a critical blog post. Because venting out to mom and friends did not help me see a positive side of this aspect of my country.

Let’s begin with how it all started in the first place. I was at a family gathering and a young cousin of mine who is school was asked what she was planning to take after her 10th grade. For people not from India, We don’t have high school after the 10th. We have a system of junior college where one picks up a stream to graduate in later. So now her options were basically Science, Commerce and Arts (humanities).

But boy, I don’t think 99% of Indian parents know that such a field like Arts even exists. She was being advised to take Science or Commerce. I was sitting there listening to all of this. Being a student of Arts not only did it seem offensive but it also made me a little sad about the mentality.

Arts is usually endorsed by parents, and mostly to their daughters, who don’t think their kid has the capacity to go a long way in life. Now why so? I mean how much Engineers, Doctors, CAs, CSs, etc do you need? You sit and crib about the governance. Tell me what have you done to make it a better place? Have you let your child take up social science and cause some kind of improvement? No.

Instead, you make them take engineering or some other technical course and send them abroad and then crib about how they are not taking care of you! Or you make them a CA or a CS who then have a great possibility of getting caught in a scam since they cause most of the corruption related to money by helping people hide their actual income etc. (I am not saying all CA and CS do that)

The education system is not at fault. It’s your head. How much ever we students of social science crib, it would still not be enough.

The kind of question a person asks Arts? Kyun? Acha marks nahi mila? (Translate: Arts? Why? Didn’t you score well?).

It does not end here. Not only do they not know the kind of subjects we have. But they will take that extra stupid mile to advise you. Even when I was graduating and I held a job at a travel magazine temporarily, I was asked to give a bank exam! I hadn’t done Maths in like four years and now five. If I wanted that horrible job at a bank doing the 9 to 5 routine, wouldn’t have I picked commerce? No common sense they have and they think I lack some too.

Why can’t a person just be different? Even after you graduate and plan your post graduation, you will be asked a hundred times to do MBA! No thank you! I am not MBA material. And no offence to anyone who is doing it, but it’s a sheer mob mentality course. My plans in my life are different. If it’s so hard for you to understand why don’t you shut it? And let me do what I wish to. Maybe I don’t want a stable job. I would probably want to travel the world, change political systems, make a difference and not worry about how I am going to pay my bills this month.

But fortunately it’s less frustrating for me because I have supportive parents who trust me. I thank God for that. But I do feel bad for people who don’t have a support system at home. And this has to change. Otherwise Indians must know we will have a tough time progressing effectively.

Sorry for ranting. I respect all courses either technical or not technical. But being a student of Humanities/ Arts, I wish that respect was returned. 


6 thoughts on “Indian Education System !

  1. It’s the same over here as well. You’re a student of Arts and Humanities means you’re either less talented and you’re completely ‘out of count’ if you know what I mean.

    Something that shouldn’t happen.

  2. I agree to your post. But i have seen new breed of people coming up and endrosing arts. And thats good.
    And frankly i find arts stream people more smart, intelligent then any other stream ppl.
    Btw i am doing ca( and i am not corrupt :p).

  3. after 10th i wanted to take up humanities stream , but was forced into taking science stream , seven years later am a veeeery unhappy dentist……

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