Its high time I dedicate a post to this intoxicating chemical which has been a part of my life for about 4 years, i suppose. (no, I am not an alcoholic). Its been an occasional friend who meets me once in three four months to give me a break from this horrible reality.

Reality isn’t that bad. But sometime it’s too much too take. So alcohol becomes the saviour at that time. I don’t always get drunk. But I do get drunk if I am drinking say after more than two months. Its basically because I had forgotten how it was to let go of your mind to say whatever it wants. Letting go the ‘ego’ of the mind, psychological terms I learnt in 12th grade 🙂

I had a similar experience last night with all my drunken-ness walking the road with two friends. Sharing feelings at a table at the restaurant. Peeing god knows how many times. And letting your heart speak out for once! just once! This is basically what happens when I get drunk.

But the hangover period is worse. I usually always and I say it ALWAYS regret getting drunk. It’s not a bad thing to get drunk, but the things I do or say affect me for a week. Yes I have had hangovers last for a week.

But this time. No siree. My hangover is spent by writing this blog post. The only thing I regret doing is calling my boyfriend and tweeting. And tweets can easily be mended by deleting them and calls can be mended by apologising. 🙂 So this by far my best hangover. Even the breathe did not smell horribly bad when I went to brush 😛 Also, usually my mother figures out if her daughter is drunk. But this time she was so sleepy to even open her eyes and say goodnight. So it all worked out well. And about opening my heart out. I don’t regret for one minute. Say what you may, I opened them out to the nicest people around.

But still alcohol is bad for your system as it dehydrates you. But the generation is so insensitive it needs alcohol to release frustration and stress.


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