The Heart Breaks

… Not only does it break but it pains. It pains a lot.

Few days ago I heard some lady who is a teacher at a kindergarten saying “Its the era where the Devis (godesses) would rule not and not the Devas (gods)”. She meant to say that the women are becoming more smarter and better at everything than men.

Ironically a Gang Rape took place that very same day in Delhi. It did not really break my heart then. Why? No, not because I am cold. Its because Rapes have become something a common incident in the nation. Being a woman in this city, if you pass by a train station without being touched or whistled or passed some lewd remarks at then its a good day. Yes. If molestation happens then so do rapes at the same level. People say this Delhi gangrape was brutal. There have been worse. But they havent been reported. Or made aware about.

What happened next you ask? In India this was one of the first time a mass protest took place against the rapists and whole idea of “don’t get raped” instead of “don’t rape”. My heart broke a little when I saw the police hitting the protesters. Female protesters! Oh the irony. Women protesting for safety and in return being laathicharged. 

Protesters being pushed with water canons.

Protesters being pushed with water canons.

What did the Indian government do? The usual – Nothing. What did the Indian PM say? The usual – Nothing but mumbled a few words. But unfortunately for him the nation was listening. After reading the report he mumbled theek hai, which means “alright” in Hindi. That is certainly not a response you expect after reading about a rape where rods were used and organs were damaged.

The women in the government are also useless. That word ‘useless’ maybe politically incorrect but it fits. They said ‘women must not go out late at night’. This was Delhi Chief Minister’s response. What can you expect from an old lady like her?

What happened to the poor girl? Her soul has left this horrible place. It has left scarred. She was struggling on life support. This wannabe superpower nation had to fly her to Singapore for better health care. Really India? You think 2020 is your year? If you really want it to be then please have some gender sensitivity.

There have been measures taken up or rather supposed to be taken up by the government for women. Acts are passed but never implemented. Nothing was or is done. She died in Singapore today morning. Not only did it hurt me but millions of Indians are heartbroken. Today the rapists are still alive and the Prime Minister is pleading for peace cause he knows the protests will erupt again.

The protests died down as usual cause Indian Government is good at giving a deaf ear to actual problems. Or it will politicize the whole incident. This time no one wants to listen to how bad the situation is in other countries. No. I really don’t care. Why can’t we improve? Why can’t we learn?

I officially accept that I live in a failure of a nation. This country will never improve unless a situation like Tahrir Square takes place. It won’t. And it breaks my heart because studying political science and living in a pseudo democracy clash and then make you depressed. But I won’t be too disheartened to do anything. And I hope you won’t be either. PM says her death won’t go in ‘vain’. Well you have said a lot things Manmohan. But by far, as TIME magazine called you an underachiever, you are the worst Prime Minister we have ever had. Ever! (yes, Indira Gandhi was better than you. She at least had a voice.)

Signing off with a heavy heart. God if you exist, you suck. Goddess if you do? Then what are you doing up there. Come and fricking help us mend things.

More on this when I have a clear-er mind on what to write.

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