Religion and Literature

This blog post is strictly my opinion and theory. I am sorry if it is going to offend anyone or any culture or religion. Please pardon me

I discovered something vague and unclear about religion especially Hinduism. Its actually all those religions who have given their God a human form. Why human? We are possibly the worst creatures living. (Forgive me but we are)

Wildlife VS Human


So then why are the gods’ given human forms? And also why does hinduism believe that God resides in all living things. Even the by product of a living thing for example a paper or a book.

Yes, I know the scientific explanation behind it. It is something about the energy which is distributed in all of us which keeps us going and we sometime call it the soul. 

But let’s take a moment and think differently this time. I strongly believe in the energy part. But also I know why there is no supernatural being or something even closer to that existing or even existed before time. I believe that there were some human beings themselves who used that ‘energy’ within them to an optimum level.

Or, there were amazing leaders (like Zeus, Krishna or Jesus) or great athletes (like Hercules) or rebellious beings (like Shiva). The only issue was recording their greatness. Since they did not have anything but the word of mouth as a source of recording the great deeds of people whom they admired.

The authors of religious text tried their best to make their role models and leaders look good. They used the most flowery language and personal interpretation. Now when you think of this it would be clearer for you as to why Hinduism has so many forms of God. It’s not God as a supernatural being. Its human beings achieving great things which made them look like supernatural being in the past. But of course since they were human beings themselves this makes the whole “believing or following a religion” a sham. You are actually following the literature put up by talented authors who recorded the history for you. 🙂

So don’t fight in the name of religion, simply enjoy and learn what you can from the literature. It maybe flawed as well. So don’t sit and correct it simply ignore it.

I know this maybe too much to take. But even Jesus for example said he is “God’s son”.. What if he was just a great leader but in order to gain faith from people he proclaimed himself to be the son of God. Same goes to the prophets. They must have been great philosophers like Jesus and they wrote some really good books which claimed validity at that period of time. They simply wanted people to buy and believe in what they wrote hence they created the notion of an invisible God.

Hinduism for that matter did the same. Valmiki wrote Ramayan and Ganesh wrote Mahabharat. They were stories of normal people like you and me facing family problems and other mundane issues which we face but explained in a complex language.

But they are true stories and they are beautiful philosophies. Do not mistake them to be something silly. They are wonderfully written truth of life which is too hard for the common man today to understand. Respect it but don’t fight on the name of it. This would simply mean disrespecting those authors. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Religion and Literature

  1. mahabharata describes krishna as a quiet insecure character , it is said that he feared for arjunas life and was ready to fight if anything happened to him , against the pledge of neutrality he made before the war.people over centuries made him into the god that he is today which is far from the truth .

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