Confessions Of My Inner Fat Child

So I watch Jenna Marbles on Youtube confessing her habit of eating junk food. This made me think why don’t I put it out in the universe as to what all have I eaten and what my inner fat *son of a bitch* child made me eat! Jenna made the video so that once its out in the universe it would probably make her more responsible. I am writing this blog post for the very same reason.

Junk Food Confessions – The link to the video

So here are few of my confessions. Don’t judge me. Or judge. If you judge me I will feel bad but then that would make me stop doing such crazy things to my body.. And if you can relate then yaay? 😀

1. I have eaten two breakfasts or two lunches in day for more than year during my junior college in 2008-09. Yes everyday for a year!

2. Sometime (EVERYTIME) when my friends eat junk I eat just so that I don’t feel left out.

3. When a restaurant says then won’t deliver if I don’t order above a certain amount. I don’t hang up. I simply order more! A LOT MOAR

4. I always tried going back to being a vegetarian but whenever I see chicken or tuna or prawns or anything which is super meaty, I go for it! I go for it like I haven’t eaten food in months

5. When I eat Chinese food I overeat so much that my stomach has stopped telling me that it’s full cause I don’t listen to it!

6. Sometime I order two burgers instead of one in the pretext of saving the other one for later. But, I eat them both at once!

7. I have almost tried to throw a veggie burger away but I simply couldn’t cause I did not want to ‘regret’ not eating it.

8. I once ‘shared’ a large pizza with my cousin and I went beyond my capacity till I had to lie down otherwise I would have blacked out.

9. Rice! Yes being a south Indian I have rice like fish has water.

10. I have made horrible food for myself like pasta, sandwiches, Chinese stuff.. and I ate it all instead of throwing it away! Why? Cause I made it with such great difficulty.

11. I once had an expired cold drink which was at my house cause I was craving for one.

12. I have had three huge servings of rice at my granny’s house.. Cause I couldn’t say no to her and her delicious food!

13. I have had two dinners on many occasions cause again its hard to say no to good food.. or just any food.

14. I eat cheese cubes if I find them lying in the refrigerator!

15. I eat sugar when I am bored.

16. I once had two lunches and two breakfast on the same day! Which was followed by an evening snack and a super heavy dinner!

Yes, my inner fat bitch has made me to unspeakable things which I just confessed.  Now that its out in the universe I hope the universe destroys it! And this maybe depressing. But this would make me realize how bad food in excess is!

So hello dieting! And good bye overweight-ness. Make a confessional blog post of your own so that I don’t keep feeling bad about myself and do share it! Thanks! 😀

There is no love sincerer than the love of food – George Bernard Shaw
Tough Choice!

Tough Choice!

2 thoughts on “Confessions Of My Inner Fat Child

  1. I emotional eat like a sick pig. There, even I said it.

    I totally relate to that picture you shared there.
    Every time when I junk-eat at night, my sister will come and remind me of all the bad things and I will swear at her and shoo her away and continue eating.

    But I have really really reduced junk food eating. But will someone get me started on exercising??

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