Day Dreaming

What you day dream of today is what you see your future as. It says a lot about you as a person.

I day dream a lot! I am sure a lot of people do. But being an only kid I sometime take it to another level. I made imaginary friends (who eventually dumped me! I don’t even know why!) to pass my time and spoke to them about every thing. Then I started dreaming about scenarios which would never happen. Somewhere I do wish they do.

But there is something about day dreaming, it keeps on developing. One year you are day dreaming about some scenario with your friends for example, the very next year it seems awfully stupid and you are glad it never happened.

But now in recent times my imagination power has become ridiculously strong that if I day dreamed about something for say a week; it happens! Something quite close to that scenario just happens.

This is scary! very scary! Cause I know some of my dreams have come true. But that I assumed my soul to be travelling to that very moment. But when your daily fantasies come true you just get shocked and you wonder “is this what I really wanted?”

This also means that I need to be very very careful about what I put out in the universe. Same goes for you folks out there who have had similar experiences. Nowadays I put out a lot of world peace thoughts. But with North Korea and USA being bitches about it, it seems quite impossible that something like that would ever happen soon.


Anyway this is the most random blog I’ve ever written. 🙂



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