Faith restored in Politics

The world’s poorest president Jose Mujica (Pres. of Uruguay) donates 90% of his salary and stays in a farm with his wife.

His definition of poor “Poor people are those who only work to try to keep an expensive lifestyle, and always want more and more” – source BBC News

He maybe “poor” money-wise, but hes the richest and finest president a nation can have. 🙂

You, Sir, are my inspiration. Respect. 😀


Oh Politicians of the world, Learn.

Oh Politicians of the world, Learn.


4 thoughts on “Faith restored in Politics

  1. being rich is not a problem!! not even for politican!! warren buffet and bill gates world richesw man are doing more for the world then anybody else!! probity in public life is necessary, but a poor politican is not itself better than a not so poor or rich politician!!

    • Being Rich isn’t a problem. But when the rich accumulates unnecessary wealth it becomes a problem. A politician, for example, does not need more than one car yet they roam with four or five for security purposes (not all, but most of them). Hence a ‘poor’ or in this case a sensible politician like jose mujica who does charity and lives a comfortable and avoids hoarding of resources is better than a rich politician.

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