Bear with me readers most of my posts are rants.

Outcasts –(Noun)  A person who has been rejected by society or a social group. – Google

The more I interact with my social group called ‘family’ the more I love them. But, the more I feel different and ‘outcast-ed’ unintentionally. But now since I’ve grown and so have my cousins, our goals have become more defined and more pronounced. I feel even more outcast-ed.

Sadly, I went ‘off-track’ and did exactly opposite of what my family expected out of me. Although, they did not really expect a lot from me since I was an average kid.

Yet, nobody expected you to take arts. Yet you did. They hadn’t even heard of a subject called political science. Yet you took it. They still wanted you to work in a bank (as they think of you as good for nothing) yet you rejected. They want you to get married to someone as their own. But you don’t even feel like you belong in your ‘own’ how will marry someone like them? You literally hate the Iyer community as a whole. (Sometime the whole of Brahmin community who have forgotten what is humanity in spite of being ‘urbanized’ and ‘progressive’). Then, why you still worry of fitting-in in the future; when you already are an outcast in the present? Why would you ever wonder what will they think of you when they don’t think great of you now?

The above are the thoughts I make to myself. End maybe me succumbing to their desires (which is unlikely) or simply drifting away.

And I write this blog post while I listen to a song from my super old playlist – Already Gone by Kelly Clarkson. So apt!

And I want you to know you couldn’t have loved me better. But I want you to move on so I’m already gone – Kelly Clarkson ‘Already Gone’

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