As humans, the ultimate social beings, we associate with so many different social groups like friends, family, colleagues etc. Some come close and live with us until ‘death do us apart’. Most of the time its family who stay that long. They know you inside out. They care for you and love you unconditionally.

Grandparents for example love you unconditionally as well. I lost my grandmother on April 29th, 2013. Trying not to cry whilst I get this off my chest. She was a wonderful lady. I haven’t mourned much since her passing away due to exams and due to the fact that not just me but nobody in the family is strong enough to mourn anymore. You can’t just let go of a beloved person because of ‘death’. Its tough.

Then I sit on my laptop today while going through PMS and erase pictures of certain people. Then I wonder how do memories work. I don’t need to look at a single photo of my granny to remember her all I need to do is genuinely reminisce and the memories in my brain become like a movie. They are there stored forever. But when it comes to certain people like friends , I need to see photos to remember my memories. So erasing those annoying pictures of certain people makes you finally believe that you will never ever relive those moments again. You can just thankfully forget them.

But deleting people has become even more easier. All you have to do is delete them off your so many social networks (like people have deleted me time and again). Its weird how petty it has become. Its never true that the person you truly love now, may be with you forever. Probably tomorrow you may wake up and start feeling like they don’t even exist. Or the person you still love even today with every atom in your body may have left the world a month ago or 9 years ago. But your love grows. It just grows.

Unconditional love exists but its too hard to find it. It does not exist in memories or set relations of husband and wife or mother and child. It may also exist between your pet and you. But you cannot decide that. Its circumstances, incidents, moments, and most of all memories  that decide.

May your soul rest in peace paati, I love you.


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