Emotional Detachment

Studying Masters has led me to come across many philosophers as well as theories. Also the post positivist approach of denying the whole concept of a theory. But we can venture that some other day. Let’s speak of Emotional Detachment and the absolute (or relative) ‘peace’ If that is the word or something similar and greater than peace attached to it.

When I mean emotional detachment it comes in three following stages

1. Detachment from Material Gains (this includes the smartphone I am using right now to type out this blog from a bed) and similar kind of material wealth

2. Detachment from the people around you. (Even your parents!) This does not mean you be indifferent towards their feelings. It just means that their actions and choices doesn’t anymore dictate your mode of functioning.

3. Detachment from self. This is one level that I haven’t ventured or thought of yet. But this certainly is the most important level and final level of Emotional Detachment.

Emotional Detachment does not occur by some specific way of behaving or living. Its a personal experience and a personal choice. There isn’t any rule book on how to achieve it.

But once you achieve it, it won’t ‘set you free’ as it is not the ‘truth’. It does something beyond that. I can’t explain what exactly as of now.

Also, I am not claiming to having achieved all stages I might have not achieved the first one for all you know. But atleast I have become aware of what emotional detachment is now.

One small step at a time.

What are your views on the same. I would love to hear.

4 thoughts on “Emotional Detachment

  1. You know, though I agree that one must be detached.. I also really believe that one should first know what attachment is, and be tested by it, and then choose the road to emotional detachment.

    If you don’t know the depths of your own emotional madness, you’ll never understand why you chose detachment in the first place.
    Detachment.. It should not be a bitter/hurt choice, nor an ascetic choice .. Just a more aware choice.

    Like, when you can see yourself be hurt by someone’s action, and just the realization- looking at yourself from the outside- calms you down.

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