Today in our class of Resistance in Practice We study about forms of mysticism and various stages of mystic interventions.

It seems all crap and silly but here goes nothing in attempting to formulate my thoughts into words.


We went on to the second half of how it is related to politics. I shall explain that bit in the end. Inititally I would like to talk about what do Mystical experiences comprise of;

(This bit is taken from Karl Rahner and Soelle where Soelle suggests the following to be “Places of Mystical Experiences.” )


I don’t really feel the need to explain this part but nature and climatic conditions or just being around tall trees green grass and streams and rivers is a place where on can feel truly mystical.


The best place and yet sadly the most perverted now in the universe is to be truly mystical is Eroticism. It is always portrayed as between a man and a woman and union that is closer than any other union. Usually in the mythical texts man is called as the ‘God’ and woman is shown as this beautiful soul that is a part of his well being.

Homosexuality works the same way. But since I am no expert I would not go into the details and leave that bit to the experts out there. But when these two souls come in union it leads to a self discovery. This union takes place and causes the person to be more truer to self and around and also it is an experience that is combined in its own way. They never let this union go because this is something that is permanent. The concept of ‘zodiac’ or ‘horoscopes’ immediately fades away. Due to this commotion around the world the importance of the horoscopes or zodiac has faded. Its practicality has died. Because the one. Is the one. There is no saying where and how you will find them. But when you do. You just know that you have.


When you have the mystical experience you realise one thing very clearly. There is No God. And this hurts you. Hurts you because of the chaos and commotion that others put themselves through. The mystical experience causes you to grow more compassionate towards other souls because you want to help them and human beings are reckless and relentlessly hurt themselves in these mundane structures they have built for themselves in. Usually people who have had the experience don’t do well in these structures and rules. They do a good job otherwise in their workplace. But never in a cubicle. They always have the need to be out there. To be away and far away from the destruction that others are causing. Sometime people remain calm and quiet for a day or a year. They fast for several days. Just to be more aware of themselves.

This experience of mysticism also is only a result of suffering in silence for too long. It is not a breakdown. It is not a final showdown of what you really are. It is you finally seeing what you have become. And what living is truly about.

And The experience also feels like a withdrawal kind. Like you are finally giving up on an addiction of one of your vices or when you have finally decided to sit alone in solace. Never the less it is a beautiful experience


Mystical beings sometime need to leave the community but they always belong to a particular type of community. For example in the previous post when I mentioned my grandmother’s house. The whole colony of that kind of people have lived there. There were many mystical beings living over there. They all realised that there is no God. We have to be there for each other otherwise we are most certainly doomed.


The joy in the eyes of a mystical person is very child like. They tend to have an awe for being impulsively happy. They would put their shoes in the wrong feet for the sake of it. Or would run around and sometime unintentionally make child like mistakes and then stress others yet find a way to laugh over it.

But since such behaviour is immediately termed as immature. Children who are the true mystic beings grow up to be confused and finally try to fit in like you and I into this socially hierarchy and structures.


When you learn you automatically open your mind and your thoughts and you process of thinking. You finally see what is the world truly about. You open your ears and listen to others more clearly. You read more clearly. Yet I feel this blog post does not justice to this experience.

I would not like to plague it by ending it with the linkage to politics. It is too good for that.

Have a good time reading. 🙂 My blog about its linkage with politics shall be up in a few hours.



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