I love some countries like I love people.

Turkey is one of those countries. Not just because I have been there. Because the ‘western’ world misunderstands every Islamic country and tries to bring ‘peace’ in it by enforcing its concept of democracy in it. That is exactly what happened to Burma/Myanmar which was a peaceful place before the English came in with their mode of functioning and was ruined.

Here is an article that actually made my day. Someone as powerful as Erdogan finally gave it to the sophisticated and proud European Union who makes Turkey look like some kind of weak entity dying for membership.


What I liked the most about the article was this keen observation by him.

“Turkey is much more free than almost all of the EU member countries. Now you’re talking about the Gezi Park incidentsĀ …. Why do you ignore the incidents that took place in Frankfurt, Germany? Just recently, incidents took place in Hamburg. Why don’t you see the incidents in Hamburg? You have seen what the police have done there.”

The game of ‘selective’ blaming and selective blaming the people about corrupt practices works both ways.

If Myanmar today is struggling to define democracy and establish the same it is maybe because the concept of democracy probably does not work for some nations. But then the questioning of the concept itself is forbidden. And sometime I fell the pressure of living next to a chaotic yet largest democracy becomes another reason for it to adopt the same and try to emulate western practices. We can sit and blame all we want. This chaos will never end until and unless we want it to.



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