How do you know when the time is right?

Well, there is no right time to make a decision or a choice. There are calendars provided to you by the religious scholars with the exact date and time, with auspicious days and inauspicious days, auspicious months etc. But that probably does not mean anything until and unless you actually feel it. Like I did today (while I took a nap).

There is only line that would cover it up it is when “The past relaxes you the present makes you happy but the future scares you so much, but you still don’t lose hope and make plans (BIG) for it anyway.” -THIS is when you know the time is right. Because in life you meet a lot of people while finding the path of ‘enlightenment’. Sometime while you are searching for that path you make lovers and friends and family all at once. But you only truly discover them sometime in other forms of relationships.

And when you hit the road and find the one hitting the road along with you you realize the people you met in the past your lovers families and friends are the ones who got you to this road who got the other person to that road as well. But what after it? Well, that is why they call it ‘circle of life’ don’t they? This is the basis for my second essay upon Resistance. Now that you have hit the road its important to move on. And walk along that path with a pace that is comfortable to you. Even though every second spent in thinking about this whole time ahead of you now officially scares you (instead of relaxing you like it used to) it becomes important to never lose hope. And this is a real challenge. It is easy to be that young person with life in your heart and mouth where you wanted to simply leave it all behind and go away.

But when you have made peace with your beautiful past and you are so happy and comfortable in your lovely present that ridiculous transition into the future becomes scary. But nevertheless one must make that move and take that step now. Because (I love this quote too much) “Nothing is stronger than an idea whose time has come”. – Victor Hugo

And the ‘path to enlightenment’ is never straight. I think it is as jumbled up as the rangolis below.

1795558_720385761325543_2146331047_n 1522025_719804424717010_1630317183_n







The path is never direct or straight or just monotonous. In fact there are paths that you have to cross over and change. That is why there will be different ‘circles’  of life. Most of which wouldn’t even form the same rangoli  as yours. But then that is the beauty of life. Each one (life) is unique. 🙂

So if you are afraid to step into the puddle that is the ‘future’ don’t be. It probably looks like a puddle from the outside but it maybe something more soft and something more beautiful on the inside. And you will never know unless and until you step into it.

This is me signing off for the day. Searching for more ideas and thoughts to write to you my lovelies. Thank you for reading 🙂 :*





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