“Humans of India”

This time my visit to India (so called ‘home’) is filled with lot of personal experiences and thoughts that have never dwelled in my head in the past. Well, they must have occurred in the past but did not receive much attention.
Here, sitting at the window of a noisy road I realised a couple of things about the youth and basic method of approaching life in this country.

This is not a generalisation its mere observation. It is about how certain ways of approaching life are somehow reserved to the “wealthy” section of our society.

We look at people with passion for things that are otherwise considered trivial and elitist like photography, fashion or writing. It in the end all comes down to “monetary value” of your career choice. How much can you put in later financially for yourself and your family? Bank balance = Your market value.

What baffles me is that this is coming from a nation which had a glorious past to be proud of and a wonderful future to look ahead for. Instead, everyone is stuck in this awful present wondering will Modi be as corrupt as previous politicians or will he do something for us?

This brings me to another thought that pricks my head “what would this politician do for us?”. Why should he do anything for you when you yourself are not ready to move on from your shallow selfish mindset about
“earning big for yourself”
“doing little or negligible things for the society”.

Don’t get me wrong money isn’t a bad thing. Its just a necessity. Its certainly not everything and never can be. But, there is a strong portrayal of money being the sole reason of your existence in this world is the fundamental reason why our youth become so cynical.

The country, that has the highest middle class population, has forgotten that we have come here on this earth to live and venture out our inexplicable dreams and thoughts. Also, to be humans and be loving and compassionate.

Everyone here deep down is a humanist (deep deep deep down). Whereas, on the outside everyone is a cynical realist who is wondering how the other person is surviving so happily without money and when someone is happy in general – “no wonder she/ he is happy they have their baap (father’s) money to spend”.

Ever read books like Panchatantra or Amar chitra katha which has stories with morals regarding greed and money?

One of the story goes something like this where a beggar is always smiling and laughing happily. On the other hand, a rich man is deep down in depression. Then, one day he goes to the beggar and asks, “what makes you so happy you don’t even have proper clothes to wear and you live on the streets.” The beggar calmly replies, “yes but I don’t have anything that makes me the happiest because I don’t have to worry about losing anything that has monetary value. So I can sleep peacefully even if its the streets whereas you living in a big house with fancy bedrooms have no sleep because you fear losing all of it one day.”

That is what has happened to us, Indians. We fear we will lose all of our value in the ” society ” if we don’t have a firm monetary standing. But little do we often realise that the rich of this or any nation don’t often think like this. Its just middle-class mentality.

What is middle-class mentality you ask? You saw the story above? That was written by a middle class person himself/herself. The Indian (don’t know about other nationalities) middle class have a tendency to limit knowledge of the world to money. They fear going after their passion because it sounds trivial and its illogical and does not “pay”. What they don’t realise is that choosing a career that you will be passionate about pays in something that is higher than just ” monthly income” it pays in pure joy and happiness. That automatically brings money and materialistic gains(which are secondary needs). This happens because success is not directly aimed at. Instead, the dream that seems so unrealistic and idealistic is what is aimed at.

Its almost as if the whole country needs another movie like 3 idiots to prove the point that Amir Khan’s character tried to make in that movie.

Its almost as if the people of the country has forgotten to love themselves and others as human beings. Instead, they rationally reason their relationships with others on a daily basis.

Its almost as if the nation has forgotten to work as one towards improving the world for a better place. But, instead exploiting each other with petty actions that are harmful for other’s existence.

Its almost as if everyone has forgotten how truly compassionate humans can be to fellow humans. Instead, make shallow judgements and discard humanity on basis of strong personal convictions regarding the world.


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