Indian Election Madness

First of all I would like to congratulate all those who voted as I couldn’t because I hadn’t registered early enough to procure a voting card.

But I am honestly glad that the election has officially come to an end today.

Its not the voting that has been exhausting but the constant campaigns and media coverage of the same. The voters probably did watch most the campaign drama.


The election started off as a race with undue advantage and disadvantages for contesting parties.

BJP had Modi, the guy with class oratory skills who mesmerizes our local Indian Public. – advantage

Congress had Rahul Gandhi, the poor white kid who does not know possess any public speaking skills – disadvantage

AAP had Arvind Kejriwal who could not even withhold his government for even two months in the capital. – disadvantage

Other parties automatically had to fall under the banner of, NDA or UPA, the two major coalitions that have been dominating Indian National Politics.

But there have certainly been parties like the BSP, where the leader has publicly declared her party to be playing a role of ‘balancing the power’ at the centre. (Really Maya? Who are you kidding?)

What has been more frustrating is the name calling from one party to another. It is getting as ridiculous as it could get. The headlines and mainstream media news do not concentrate upon the policies that have been promised in the manifestos but instead they focus upon who committed what folly while conducting a campaign or while going for voting. It is important to state the mistakes made during a campaign but I honestly do not think that it deserves the amount of space given by news channels and papers.

More importantly the function of news is to summarize the relevant information for those who can’t keep a track of happenings as it occurs. Instead the news articles read mostly about information that do not really inform a potential voter about the future consequences of his choice.

If this is not frustrating you enough then the fact that news is flooded with such irrelevant nonsense and has been ignoring absolutely important news for the public such as the blasts that took place at Tamil Nadu in the railway stations. There is no saying what other crucial news has not been covered.


To conclude I would like to thank you voters for genuinely voting for your country and finally getting the worlds largest democracy rolling into active political participation. Yet, at the same time the sentiment of voters, which is genuine concern for their economic, social and political future, has not been conveyed honestly by the media. Instead a dramatic representation of the whole situation has taken place that has been quite frustrating for regular news followers.

This is me signing off ending my rant regarding Indian Elections 2014. May the best candidate win.




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