Stuck in the kitchen

Well, now that I am back to Canterbury from spending the Easter break in India its time to try and blog consistently.

Everyone is busy with exams and campus is more quiet than usual. The library remains overcrowded instead of the pavements that usually were busier than they are now. Since its summer in Britain the days last longer and you can see the emptiness in daylight for almost 18hours in a day.

I, on the other hand, belong to the few who has no exams instead, just two essay submissions coming up and a research proposal to finish up.

So well, yes I have work to do as well. Although, this never ending jet lag finally ended in its own freakin slow pace. I finally got the books I need to read from the library and at 2am in the night I felt the need to get crackin’ to study and do some substantial work. Once I entered the kitchen and sat with the book and coffee I saw how I needed to get another book and pen to make notes and suddenly bam! My housemate entered and asked me not to spend time in the kitchen post midnight for the next few days. Because, the sound of the doors closing and opening bothered her while she was trying to get her sleep before exams.

I felt a bit guilty and forced myself to stay in the kitchen and instead read an eBook of Paulo Coehlo and finished exactly half of it before I saw the sun starting to rise at 4 36am. Thank god for my charger and earphones in the kitchen. Otherwise, this night would have been wasted in boredom. By the time it was morning I couldn’t stop laughing at myself for being such a crack in the head :p.

Sometime its funny to get yourself in such situations also its quite interesting how I am still waiting for the right time in the morning to leave the kitchen and retreat to my room.

Here’s a selfie taken out of boredom 😛


Its quite an annoying expression that I can’t stop making! Damn it!

Have a good day y’all!

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