This post is retrospection about how we spend our ‘leisure’ time. 

Leisure time is something that is available to you when you are free of deadlines, work and any social priorities. This is your personal time. 

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your leisure time always linked with some groups of people, it can be anybody even an acquaintance would do for people like me who can’t really deal with singularity. 

Even though ‘loneliness’ would be the right term for this kind of situation I would like to mention that I actually do quite well when I am alone and on my own. Loneliness does not bother me that much. 

It is the momentary need of human contact that I would prefer where during this weekend when I have decided to give myself some leisure time I just wish to go out for a bite of food and then retreat in the house for some time to be spent on youtube. But what is baffling me is the absolute scarcity of a social life currently. Its a sudden change from what I had going on in the previous months of my life. It is not voluntary, it is quite involuntary and quite situational. 

This realisation has dawned upon me while I write here starving and waiting for at least one of my friend to mysteriously teleport from India or any other country over here and hang out with me while I eat and speak to me about relevant and irrelevant things at the same time. 

But guess that is not happening anytime soon is it? I sign off now. This post was just a random update of what was popping in my head. 

Write to me about how you spend your leisure time and do you also crave for human contact as much as I do?


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