Reassurance or Update

Sometime when two worlds meet and fall in love there is a process that involves in keeping that love alive.

The main aspect of this process is self-assurance. The love you find and fall into may not always be perfect. Heck, it may not even have the capacity to maintain its beauty whenever you please. But when two hearts collide and they synchronise they need to constantly be making assurances in their head about this form of love.

This is not your everyday synchronisation that you keep making with your friends as you go. This is a more divine and yet more heavier one. It is heavy because it involves a lot of psychological pressure upon your mind.

Its your mind that needs to be sure that everything is going to work out – to put it in layman’s term.

Just like you constantly wish to have an update of a certain software otherwise the software may fail your system, love works similarly. The system may fail to respond if you don’t update it. The update need not be tasking. It needs to be reassuring your faith into it. Now faith and belief are two different things altogether.

Somehow belief has more empirical background as compared to faith. Because faith also means not really knowing what the reality is. So it is better to reassure your ‘belief’ rather than faith.

One really measures oneself on a very low point on certain days. But you hardly ever realise what pyschological consequences that could have on your loved one. Surprisingly (or not so surprisingly) this synchronisation has its own negative aspect. But the fact that you realise this helps you make yourself re-instate the belief you have in love and all its beauty and its possibilities.

Belief in possibilities is the MOST important factor that drives us to fight for love and stay in it. Falling out of love is not as easy as people make it to be.

In fact falling out of love is one of the most ridiculous things i have ever heard.

I believe that humans are always in love. But they only truly realize the capacity of love when they find someone who is in the exact rhythm as they are.

Since we are constantly in love we sync with our friends family and peers.

But the moment our rhythm of love syncs perfectly with someone that synchronization deserves highest priority for our mental health. That is why when you constantly think about the person you love you also affect their rhythm of thinking and their moods eventually. Knowingly or unknowingly. This kind of affect does not require deep conversations or constant touch for you to realise that it exists. It requires high level of intuition and that is well-acquired once you find love.

So hope you have found the person with whom your rhythm of love synchronises perfectly. This is exactly why long distance relationships never fail when someone is truly in love. This is exactly why there no fear of rejection or fear of falling out of it because once these rhythms match and finally meet there is only ‘looking forward’ for a beautiful bright future with your loved one.

Mind you it may not always be perfect. But it will always be love. 🙂



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