Here is a little description of this beautiful phase called PMS.

PMS is that gut feeling of throwing up yet there is no throwing up. Its like you stomach wants to play a game.

PMS is when you feel happy about a cat picture on Instagram and want to cry over the fact that you did not want tea but instead want coffee and instead you made tea.

PMS is when your rational side and irrational side have an unexpected urgent appointment with each other – which sometimes proves good for your decisions and sometimes makes a mess.

PMS is when you want to not lie down or sit up but find a middle zone and when you do your back just gives up and starts aching.

PMS is when you have immense energy in you to clean up a whole house or run miles or do a lot crunches because your body needs that exhaustion to sleep through the pain in the later.

PMS is when you can eat anything and everything that comes your way. At the same time you can fuss over a scrumptious meal and go empty stomach to bed.

PMS is when nap times make more sense than any other day.

PMS is when there are pimples on your face exactly when you have a presentation or when you don’t want to look ugly (bad mood + pimples .. You do the math!)

Lastly, PMS is when you can actually sit quietly in one corner and feel your insides go differently and suddenly realise the factory (your body) has now gone crazy that ultimately makes you go crazy.

This monthly routines drives us women mad.

But what we forget is

PMS is when your body finally signals you that “Hey you XX chromosome guess what your body is magnificent and is capable of a lot more than you can think”

PMS is when controlling your tiniest of anger bursts makes you feel like you have achieved something extraordinary.

PMS is when your mind calms you down and the mood swings make you feel lost but at the same time you know the pattern always changes and the novelty of this never sheds off.

PMS is when you want to embrace your woman hood and all your friends and eat ice creams and watch a sad chic flick and cry for hours.

Lastly, no matter what its all a beautiful story written by Biology 🙂

Take care


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