Nature and Humanity : Secret and Not so secret places

You know how there is global warming because of deforestation and other terrible acts by man. Well, guess what humans nature has still found ways to beat you.

Nature was not always aggressive or the glaciers weren’t always melting. It is when humans decided to fight against nature that’s when it responded heavily back.

Yet we still do have amazing places where we see beautiful trees and grasses grow.  And makes us believe that maybe humanity and mankind is not as strong as nature is. And it never will be. We were a part of this wonderful creation once and now we are fighting it. Maybe cause we are confused about our purpose on this planet and instead have made it our moral goal to destroy the planet. Yet nature will not let that happen.




Maybe we humans we realise soon enough that we need to act along with nature and not be on the opposite side.

This blog post was just me randomly being in awe with trees and other good things in life 🙂

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