Kindly read this blog only after watching the video above. Thank you 🙂

This blog is anything but about money. And since I have a knack of not matching my titles with the content of blogs I would like to continue the tradition of doing so.

So after watching the video and having a long day of some work (pretending to work) and eating a lot of food and speaking to a couple of friends I decided to shower and take a nap before the kick off. (Brazil versus Mexico – world cup)

While I was lying down on bed I was thinking. And yes when one lies down on bed ones mind becomes more free and is able to wander to places he or she has never even thought of before. During this I was thinking about myself.
What would I do if money was no object?

The first thing that popped into my mind was finish up the proposal that I have been delaying for now. And also work on my dissertation cause they both really do keep me interested. Then I dug further deep into my thoughts and desires. I said , “No sangu, what would you really want to do?”

The next thing that hit me was reading endlessly. Reading books that have been written just for the sake of it maybe books that are very crucial and some that you can actually avoid reading but still read it just because I want to.

Then I thought I also would love to meet people. Lot of people and socialise like forever. No, not new people always. In fact make great friends as I go. People whom I can rely upon and constantly have good connection with. Folks with whom watching TV is as interesting as going to a party. With whom travel becomes easy and comes conveniently and there is comfort.

But I said no! Dig more. There has to be more to this.

I went ahead and this finally came to my mind.

You know what I want to do? I want to write. Not just anything. I want to write about ideas and theories. I want to be curious forever.

Ideas like “what would your lawnmower say if it could talk?” And just because it can talk does it mean it can also listen and see? And have a mind of its own? (Well of course a mind of its own) but would it talk for hours to you even when its not on? Would it want to have friends to talk to it daily?

Yes. I want to write and think about such random ideas and thoughts cause for me they keep me interested the most. They fulfill my need for having a mental exercise on a daily basis.

But that’s not it. I don’t want to limit this idea to myself. I want to in fact connect these ideas, these ridiculously random thoughts to life. To everything in the universe that may or may not have to do with existence of humans.

When I do this. Or as I do this I also want to encourage others to do this. I want to sit in a huge lecture theatre look into everybody’s eyes and say you can think like this and more. You can probably explore the boundless territory of human mind without GPS. And in fact you probably can do it better than I can. You don’t have to limit yourself to these four walls of the classroom. You can go there and above as and when you wish. You can make a drinking game out of game theory (which I really want to start working on) and you can also make the whole world seem smaller than an almond and maybe prove this fact that almonds are the seeds of our existence. Who knows. (I don’t know why I said that almond example. Quite random)

But yes! This is what I want to do. Be a teacher and a professor who let’s herself go with her ideas and theories but also let’s others go with theirs. I want to help others, mind you not inspire or be their source of inspiration, but just be a helper on the side so that they can explore their minds and its limitless abilities!


I would also like to do this task all across Europe. I feel this continent is a good place to start and then maybe see where the wind takes me with it. 🙂


Thank you.


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