Night in the woods

You may experience a lot of happier things in your travels. But this particular night in the woods with bonfire was one of my favourite.

Sitting the whole night around a fire with two friends and just being high in the woods in the summer when its never really too dark and the sun rises early. Its the most beautiful thing you can do.

The thing is fire is a natural source of energy it must emit a lot of awesome thought provoking vibes for sure. I mean look at how many has gotten from cooking a whole animal on a fire to now frozen foods to microwave.

Spending the most night listening to my Canadian friend talk about different kinds of bears and how polar bears mate. It was so exciting since it was the middle of the forest in the middle of the night and you hear such funny and awesome stories.

Also the heat of that fire that touches your face and body and keeps you all warm and nice. Finally working your way through the fire getting it more oxygen. And just lying around. No phones being used no calls or text messages. Just “pure social networking” like my English friend put it.

Oncee when the dawn broke early and you could see the sun rays entering the forest through trees you hear so many birds! They all wake up and start singing to each other. Recognising which one is which is also quite exciting. I knew none of course. So I was just pay attention to what my friend Josh said about birds.

Then walking back and crossing two fields with tall wet grass was one of the best morning walk ever. We took the longer route to keep warm and not be in the middle where there’s too much grass and feet would get all cold.

Then we walked to town and I changed in flip flops. By now my feet feel extremely relaxed and so do I. And guess what we saw 8 magpies, a robin and a green woodpecker… Early morning is awesomeness. After eating a huge amount of breakfast the day finally ends.

You see how its become morning for a lot people but for you the night just never ended.

And it provoked a lot of insights into myself as well.

I realised how being 22 I still feel older than I really am most of the time. It may occur as bizzare but sometime I don’t know what makes me feel I’ve grown up too soon. Not in a bad way. But there are certain things that make me feel so. The amount of effort I put into thinking through certain situations. How I don’t comprehend what and why most people in early 20s act a certain way.

I thought its a phase where you just feel older than others cause you don’t know yet. But who knew that its not true. Its not a phase. Its lasted longer than a phase normally should. Its not an odd feeling. Its just a very dominant one where I feel like I can easily distinguish myself and not fit in the criteria of being a person in early 20s. Maybe its an illusion maybe its not.

At this point everything that has happened that seem like an illusion
Life has been too good to be true. And I hope it stays that way forever. šŸ™‚

Peace out!


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