Realisations arrive when its time for them to arrive

How do you call life when its going through a series of breakthroughs but avoiding crisis at the same time. Its certainly not mid-life crisis because biologically I am not there yet.

There are certain things you need to be very much aware of when you grow up.

1. How much pressure you put on others to make them fit into your definition of ‘perfect’?
2. How you approach those who don’t really agree with your method of thinking?
3. Lastly are you yourself perfect? and is your method of thinking not flawed at all?

In this ‘crisis’ like phase I realised initially I was having a habit of questioning everything and everyone I saw. Now the order is quite reversed. I have quite begun to question myself and my actions in the past. How did whatever I do in the recent past or in the extreme past ever make sense? What made me take that action? Why did I ever process such a thought out my mouth without regarding the consequent results?

What man needs to realise is you are not alone in this world. The world is not rotating and revolving around you. It is everyone who gets a share in this universe and you are not the epitome of ‘awesomeness’ or the definition of morality. You are not someone who gets to decide what is right for others and what isn’t. At times you don’t even get to decide that for yourself. You know why? Because you are human. Humans co-exist. They don’t just exist for the sake of it. We cooperate when it comes to making rational decisions. Nothing you did yesterday or have done today or would do tomorrow will be untouched by consequences not just in your life, but also for those around you.

When you demand rights and equal rights or any kind of demand for your self and let’s say ‘your kind’ you are required to be aware of the consequences when you actually get what you demand. You need to know that it is easier to demand something and get it from the universe. But what is difficult is to anticipate how bad or good the future will be with those results.

Yes, its true no one can just anticipate the future. No one can predict anything. Astrology is bogus. Then how do we survive? What do we do to save ourselves from ruthless consequences? Answer is nothing. You can’t ever save yourself from troubles or problems. What you need is a strong will power to resist the urge to constantly breakdown and come out as the weak one.

The will power that will help you shield your emotions that are otherwise a hindrance for rational decision making. Willpower which will help you help those around you. But mind you, if you already have this will power don’t ever abuse it.

Just because people have a weaker will power than yours does not make you a better person. Or a someone who is made for ‘greatness’. Everyone put down on this planet is meant to do something great in their own way. You decide to be ‘choosy’ when it comes to friends because you consider some of them as a weaker kind you automatically come out as the ‘dick head’. Pardon for such foul language.

But as I said before you are nobody to decide who you choose to associate with. And with whom you wish to keep the association last long. It is a two way street. Never be the one who decides for someone else. You are not ‘all knowing’ and you never will be. Don’t advice unless you have tested it and you know it works. But that does not mean don’t wish the best for someone. Wish the best for everyone!

That is how it works. You wish the best for everyone irrespective of how life has been treating you.

Also, in this process of breakthroughs I realised even if you can’t determine a 100% consequences of all your action you sometime can predict some obvious consequences regarding certain acts like excessive drinking or smoking or doping, gossiping, ‘bitching’, being blunt and frank, being straightforward even when it is unnecessary, etc. So avoid doing those will you? The avoidance of these acts is actually basic common sense. But somewhere down the line in your teenage years you decide to shed off common sense and replace it with the rebel behaviour.

Life is still beautiful. You can always do what you want, without hurting others. You can always be happy irrespective of the mess you are faced with. You don’t have to let your problems be a hindrance to others and lastly you never have to succumb to those who have overpowering personalities. Instead you can raise your willpower to such an extent that you can push the real you outside instead of letting him/her suffer inside.

This blog post may seem as quite boring and plain. But it was me putting out my thoughts more constructively.

Thank you readers 🙂


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