There has been too many metaphors used in this blog for life. But I would like to use some more that describe it much more perfectly.

Lately I have realised that life is very sensitive and its purely based on attachments you make.

Life is all about the becoming and unbecoming. Learning and unlearning.

Its about constantly cleaning a room that keeps on getting messy. You can’t avoid the mess you make. Because you make it consciously. With conscious choices of leaving things untouched and not taking action at the time you are supposed to. Its okay to make a mess trust me. Sometime you need to live in physical mess to sort out your emotional mess. It is okay to be the messed up person once in a while cause life is not perfect neither are you. And neither is anybody around you. If there was even a single soul that had the perfect life you’d emulate that person’s life and eventually everyone would start emulating the “perfect”.

Sometime you have to admit that the conduct of others has affected you heavily. It has made you question your own sanity. It has made you doubt your own personality. You start to question each and every thought you have. You tend to feel afraid of yourself because you’ve been time and again told that you’re not a nice person anymore. That you’ve become someone who is too harsh or mean. Who is too shallow or judgemental. Now you know they meant it only in certain situations or did they really? All these thoughts that plague your mind automatically plague your body now. You can’t seem to feel strong enough physically or emotionally to even get through a day. You feel like this is the most desperate cry for help that you’re letting down silently. And you know what?

Its okay! It happens. And whatever happens does happen for the good. You and I were not made or built to make a perfect world together. You and I are humans. Mystical humans perhaps. But humans nevertheless that live amongst other flawed humans. So you and I are no less flawed or more flawed than anyone else. We’re just differently flawed.


2 thoughts on “Life

  1. “So you and I are no less flawed or more flawed than anyone else. We’re just differently flawed.” – Very beautifully put. A point that can’t be stressed enough.

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