Faith – Religion – Humanity

Reading up on Gaza. Seeing pictures. I feel love for those who are oblivious to this situation.

Remain oblivious.

How even amidst such horrible crisis on humanity everyone is congratulating them on sticking to their religion. How people are patting the backs of the victims who say you may kill me but not my faith in Islam.

The most beautiful religion in the world is now a defense mechanism. So are all religions, minority or otherwise. It is just a facade we hide behind to keep us from the bitter truth.

Humanity has failed us. Your God has failed you. There is no way God intended this to happen, if he exists. God in Islam wouldn’t want your loved one to die.

So stop saying Islam will thrive in the hearts of those victims no matter what. Be honest.

We as humans have failed other humans. Israel has failed you. Superheroes exists, in not just your comic books but also, in religion. Because, we are so incapable of comprehending human fears that constant understanding of certain human emotions is lost.

People are dying. It does not matter if they still hold their faith. That is not right. That is not a positive side. That not even a side that we should be thinking about.

How are you ever going to answer the question “why us?” which most of them are facing. How are you ever going to tell them that this was God’s plan? It isn’t. It is your plan on finally failing what has happened. Humanity has failed again.

Killings are simply measured in numbers. Soon you will be a statistic like the rest of us. But we are much more than that. We are here to co-exist. Make most of this planet. Live in the essence of beauty of life. Stop telling me how faith thrives. How religion supersedes all. How it cures all and has answers to everything.

Face it and only then will you be able to stop. Stop hiding behind an invisible man. Come forward. Tell this universe your flaws. Declare the fact that there is nobody super natural coming to save you. It is you and just you who has to understand that you need to stop. You need to stop and look around at the destruction you have caused, Israel.

Yes Israel, I am speaking to you. No, not as a country. As those who have instigated this. Not all of you. The ones who started this. Stop it. History was not written for you to just read. It was written for you to understand how far humanity has gone in destroying its own kind. Stop it right away. Pause this nonsense and destroy the fear of an invisible man. Destroy the thought of an invisibile super hero. He is not coming. Because, he does not exist.

You exist. And only you can decide when to stop. How many lives have to go before you realise this?


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