Passing thoughts -Dreams

You once in a while come across quotes you love or that put you in awe. You also sometime come across a lot of useless quotes because language is unlimited and open to abuse. Have you seen the numerous number of ridiculous quotes there are on Facebook and twitter these days about life love and everything under and over the sun? Its almost as if the language is meant to be sometime destroyed by the poor mindset.

Sometime people say you would appreciate life less if it weren’t for the negative side of it. I sometime would like to just disagree with them. You know why?

Because, we are humans. We will always complain if we are pessimistic and we would always appreciate if we are optimistic.

A poor person living in an village back in India would appreciate the sunlight because it is keeping him warm and there would someone in the metropolitan complaining how they ran out of sunscreen to get out in the sun.

Its not the presence of negativity that makes you appreciate positive things in life. It is the presence of positive thoughtfulness that makes you want to live happily.

The quote I came across today is in the image. It made my heart melt. The part where it says “Life your Dreams”. πŸ™‚


Sometime creating a life to make sure your dreams come alive is all what life is about isn’t it? And why sometime. That should be always. We must always remember how beautiful the rain makes the trees look, how summer makes the birds sing for longer in the day and how winter makes the sky go purple or sometime let’s you appreciate the increased darkness.

Even though I hate winter. Even though sometime I am mentally delusional and I have failed my friends family and myself in the past and even now I know something within me is constantly making me go.

Its not the presence of negativity that has made me appreciate my life even more. It is the presence of this inner strength and soulful peace that it brings. It brings in forgiveness and apologises to the universe for being brutal. For being destructive with my imagination. For destroying non-existing hopes and also giving hope to others for reasons I can’t discover or comprehend myself.

For making life miserable and for making love difficult. For exceeding my power of fantasising about the world, my world. For being utterly selfish with my emotions and my lack of thoughtfulness regarding others emotions. I want you to forgive me universe because I regret being like this. I regret it hard. I shall never repeat these mistakes that is pretty much why someone asks for forgiveness after all, don’t they? So that after this heavy realisation they don’t repeat their mistakes.

But does this mean I will stop dreaming? Or stop fantasising? Or put clutches and throw hand grenades when my imagination takes form of life? No. That’s the exact opposite of what I do.

If inherently you are born with capabilities to produce ideas and dreams or to be able to simply have wild imaginations then be that person. Just remember not everyone needs to hear it. Not everyone needs to be forced to be in it. And not everyone needs to understand it. It does not have to be selfish either.

You are truly the master of your own decisions and dreams and your path. But when your path meet the path of others don’t let it go loose. Don’t give up navigating. Combine your navigation skills instead. And together give life to your dreams πŸ™‚

Life is too beautiful to be sitting around waiting for things to happen. Sometime you must let things take its own form before they enter you. And of course sometime you need to just let it go with the flow. But you always have the power to make things happen for yourself without hurting others but benefitting their lives by doing good actions.

You don’t have to ever impose your decisions or dreams on others. You must not decide for them even when you wish for something. Never wish by saying “Oh I hope or wish that this person does this, this and this”. No. That’s not right. Indirectly you are declaring that they are not capable of wanting or dictating their own universe. Everyone is capable of doing that. You are not alone. You are never alone.

But what you are is the life that your dreams need. πŸ™‚ The life that will make this world a beautiful place. The life that will bring love and peace to this universe.

πŸ™‚ This post is quite random and I apologise for the grammatical errors. 


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