Everyone is Awesome. Period.

One thing as a human being I have learnt to love people. I love them cause they come in all kinds. You can categorize them in sections but there will always one who is unique who stands out.

I have noticed everyone is unique and everyone stands out. They speak in a different manner maybe walk a particular way or like their tea made in some arbitrary method. Well, its arbitrary for you. But thats the beauty of being a human being.
You always get to explore. You always will have friends and family who will be slightly different than what you are or what you imagine them to be. There is always something that will bring you to so much awe. There is always something that will shock you and something that will humour you.

This is why I love humans from the bottom of my heart. Nobody is predictable. You are a fool if you think there are patterns of thoughts that people constantly execute. Everyone is growing, some are regressing. But, most of humans to the present day are growing. The ones I constantly encounter are growing to be beautiful beings that will make this world a better place.

Good always triumphs is true. Even though in this awful atmosphere where we see death, killings and other tragedies you lose faith.

Well I am here to tell you don’t lose faith. Not just yet. Believe in the goodness of others. Have you watched the movie “Horton hears a who?” It is one of my most favourite movies. I am a big fan of animation. And Horton the elephant taught the 21 year old me, Yes, I was 21 when I watched the movie for the first time. Voluntarily :).

He taught the 21 year old me this

You can always appeal to the better side of people’s nature.He did it with the kangaroo in the movie. That was a mind-numbing scene because my mom always taught me two major things in life,
-“It doesn’t matter how dark people are on the outside but it is important as to how bright you are on the inside of your heart” (yes she meant complexion, racism is a major problem in my society, it is quite subtle)
– “Never ditch your friends because they did horrible things to you. You must always forgive them as empathise. You never know who you will need in life. People must be your priority not the petty grudges you hold against them”

Yes the second advice was given to me when I had two boys shut the building gate on my face twice in the same week. The neighbourhood I was bought up in was never a big fan of me. So one fine day as I was walking back from school on a warm afternoon all alone and set to get into the empty house and live in the internet till my parents a gate was banged on my face. bam! This senior of my school who lived in the same building banged the gate shut just as he saw me coming towards it. He walked ahead as if he did not realise I was there. This was the first time I ever faced rejection without realising my mistake.

It happened second time in the same week. I told my mom and she said the above advice. But, when it was about to happen the third time I held the gate before it could shut close and shouted “Hey *the guy’s name*, how are you? Did you have a good day at school?”

He had no freaking idea how to respond. And I felt the inner self esteem boom! He was just smiling out embarassment and nodded by saying, “Yes, acha tha (translation- it was good)”

I felt like a super human when I held that strong gate before it could shut. I never realised then but I realise now what I did was quite juvenile. But it is true. People are beautiful and everyone has a wonderful side to them. You and I just need the patience to sit and explore. Nobody has a dark heart. They have great intentions. But flawed habits.

While watching the storm from a tent last night and wishing to be a unicorn while my friends wish to be some other interesting animals, I stumbled upon the idea of humanity relaxing for a bit.

Go outside and relax in the nature. No, not in a spa where you will spend grands. Just in the nature. Looking at the lightning striking the ground. Thunders being loud and proving that we are just puny humans with our petty problems. In the end nature beats us all.


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