Why isn’t love everything you think or imagine it is or will be.

Love isn’t a chase. It is not something that makes your heart jump always out of shock or surprise. It makes your heart leap in beautiful dance instead.

It isn’t something that constantly excites you or keeps you on your toes. It is something that calms you and keeps you in the moment but keeps you well and wonderfully you in the moment.

It makes you meet the you you have been wanting to meet all this while  as you meet your soulmate.

Soulmate is not someone who comforts you or makes you want to forget the world and go in a trance. It is someone who binds the world together and keeps you in the right place and makes you feel the growth you experience in the moment.

Most of all. Love is not a definition of anything. It is just something you feel irrespective of who is the receiving party.

It is beautiful. Always. 🙂

Also, I just saw the edge of the galaxy today. We live in one of the hands. :p beautiful night ever. #OverUseOfTheWordBeautiful . Apologies! 🙂


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