Passing thoughts – Career and People

You can never ‘pursue’ people. Career is something you pursue with passion and you run after. Because you know its a chase you have been born to do.

On the other hand you can never pursue people to be with you or to fall in love with you. That is the stupidest idea I’ve ever come across. This society has made us so shallow that we want to constantly build a connection with someone on basis of love and try to pursue it. No. That’s not how it works. We are dealing with people here. Proper human beings. You only treat them with respect and nothing else. You cannot run behind them or make them chase you. You both have to be running towards each other on the fields like Bollywood if you want. That is a possibility. But you don’t chase them like you chase your career.

Cause ‘pursuing’ is only for the career and nothing else. There isn’t a human that you would pursue for the sake or for the need of it. It is ridiculous. And a stupid idea.


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